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University Records Center

University Administration Records

Office of Audit & Compliance, Office of the General Counsel, and the University Archives and Records Center (Effective January 2, 2001)

Formally Adopted by the President’s Advisory Committee on the University Archives and Records Center (April 11, 2002)

Formally Adopted by Resolution of the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania (June 17, 2011)

Trustee Boards and Other Governance, Committees and Meetings

Proceedings of the Trustee Board and Committees, Academic Committees, and Administrative reports transfer to UARC after 2 years; permanent
Records of other committees and meetings 5 years


Design and Construction contracts life of building
Other contracts, except research administration contracts 7 years after termination
Insurance policies permanent
Equipment warranties life of equipment
Patent, trademark and other intellectual property records permanent
Litigation, claims, risk management, incident reports 7 years
Authorizations for release of records, subpoenas, court orders 7 years
Real property records permanent
Pharmaceutical Assistance contracts 7 years

Regulatory Records

Accreditation records permanent
Licensure records permanent

Faculty Records

Faculty meeting minutes transfer to UARC after 4 years; permanent
Faculty promotion and tenure records, and tenure review records permanent
Conflict of interest disclosures permanent

Search Records

Presidential search records transfer to UARC after 2 years; permanent
Academic search records 2 years from date search is completed

Publicity Records

Publicity Records transfer to UARC after 2 years; permanent

Public Safety Records

Public Safety Records 5 years


Annual reports transfer to UARC when circulated; permanent
Commencement lists transfer to UARC after 2 years; permanent
Policies and procedures 10 years after withdrawal/revision