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University Records Center

The purpose of the University Records Center (URC) is to provide records retention and retrieval services that assist faculty and administrative staff in the ongoing operation of the University. Storage is provided for University business, academic, historical and medical records which are generally no longer needed on a daily basis but which must be retained to meet legal, fiscal, administrative or historical requirements.

The Records Retention Schedule is a guideline that sets forth the length of time records are recommended to be retained.

The University Records Center (URC) provides secure, low-cost, and convenient storage for University records. By using the URC for storage of inactive and semi-current records, departments achieve three important records management benefits:

  • improved efficiencies
  • significant savings in records storage costs
  • the extraordinary convenience of assured retrieval of records just a telephone call away

Office space is too expensive to be used for the storage of inactive records which can be stored off-site for much less. The reliability of our service has impressed and pleased our customers. Since the URC was opened in September 1986, over 800 University offices and cost centers have become customers.

The University Records Center also provides records management services for electronic records, which include creating, maintaining, and making accessible by secure, remote access digital images of both electronic and paper records. These services have been offered since 1998 and now enjoy robust end-user features.


The University Records Center offices and principal storage facility are located at 4015 Walnut Street. Both are equipped with fire detection and suppression systems, perimeter security systems and year-round temperature control systems.

The University Records Center storage facilities contain wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelving. The shelves are configured to accept only standard records center boxes: 12″ (the length of a letter size file folded) x 15″ (the length of a legal size file folder) x 10″ high (the height of a file folder). If you have records of a different size, please contact the Records Manager before establishing an account.

Access to Stored Records

Records stored at the URC remain under the control of the depositing department. Access to records is limited to members of the department chosen by the department’s management. Each department using the URC facility receives a unique access authorization code (customer code) from the URC. This customer code is necessary when filling out forms to request services from the Records Center.

Billing for Services

The University Records Center is a cost recovery operation and therefore charges for storage, supplies, and services. Billing is accomplished by journal entries through the Office of the Comptroller at the end of each month to a budget of the customer’s designation. Health System customers are billed through the Interfund. Each customer receives a monthly accounting itemizing all charges for that month. The Rate Schedule lists the services the URC provides and the rates in effect for the current fiscal year.