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Penn History

This virtual web tour was created by Steven Morgan Friedman C '98.


The January 1831 college faculty numbers five, three of whom have trained for the ministry and are practicing clergymen. Only the two instructors of scientific subjects have trained outside the theological seminary. It is interesting to note that in 1830 the student-faculty ratio is 18:1.

The medical faculty are also active practitioners. The medical school is organized on a proprietary basis, with the six senior faculty collecting tuition directly from students and dividing profits among themselves. Even if one takes into account both standing and adjunct faculty, the 1830 student-faculty ratio in the medical school is 41:1.

[Note: The medical faculty did not become salaried officers of the University until 1880.]

This list is transcribed directly from the University Catalogue of January 1831.

All five members of the faculty collegiate department work personally with the students, including Provost DeLancey.

Professors in the Collegiate Department

Professors in the Medical Deparment

Other Associated Faculty

  • Rev. James Wiltbank
    Master of the Eastern Grammar School.
  • John Sanderson
    Master of the Western Grammar School.
  • Augustus de Valville
    Instructor in French.
  • Augustus Willis
    Instructor in Spanish.
  • Herman Bokum
    Instructor in German.
  • Lorenzo Daponte
    Instructor in Italian.

Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

In addition to today’s customary responsibilities of managing insitutional assets and hiring senior managers, in the early 1830s the Trustees, through an elaborate committee structure, were actively engaged in the day-to-day operations of the University. The Provost did not become chief executive of the University, in the modern sense, until 1881. William Heathcote DeLancey was unusual in that he had been a Trustee before being named Provost.

This list is transcribed directly from the University Catalogue of January 1831. The Trustees are listed in order of seniority of service.

  • Rt. Rev. William White, D.D.
  • Edward Burd.
  • William Rawle, LL.D.
  • Benjamin R. Morgan.
  • James Gibson.
  • Horace Binney, LL.D.
  • William Meredith.
  • Benjamin Chew.
  • Rev. James P. Wilson, D.D.
  • Robert Waln.
  • John Sergeant, LL.D.
  • Thomas Cadwalader.
  • Peter S. Duponceau, LL.D.
  • Nicholas Biddle.
  • Zaccheus Collins.
  • Charles Chauncey, LL.D.
  • Joseph Hopkinson, LL.D.
  • Joseph R. Ingersoll.
  • Rev. Philip F. Mayer, D.D.
  • Philip H. Nicklin.
  • Rt. Rev. Henry U. Onderdonk, D.D.
  • Robert Walsh, LL.D.
  • John C. Lowber.
  • Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, D.D.
  • James C. Biddle, Secretary.