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Penn History

This virtual web tour was created by Steven Morgan Friedman C '98.

The undergraduate student body in January 1831 numbered only 80, most of whom are residents of Philadelphia. Only two seniors are from outside Philadelphia; only eight states other than Pennsylvania are represented in the entire undergraduate student body.

The College prides itself on providing a small, personal education to all our students: the class of 1831 has 21 students. This list of seniors is transcribed directly from the University Catalogue of January 1831.

Names. Residence.
William Alexander Pennsylvania. Philadelphia.
Thomas Armstrong, jr. Do. Do.
Colin Arrott, Do. Do.
George A. Bicknell, jr. Do. Do.
Conrad R. Boyer, Do. Do.
William G. Caldcleugh, Do. Do.
George Connelly, Do. Do.
James W. Dale, Do. Do.
Edmund C. Evans, Do. Do.
John W. Fairies, Do. Do.
Edward C. Fassitt, Do. Do.
Joseph R. Hart, Do. Do.
Benjamin Ingersoll, Do. Do.
John P. Jones Do. Do.
Charles E. Lex, Do. Do.
Benjamin B. M’Kinley, Do. Do.
Robert M’Millan South Carolina. Chester District.
Henry W. Richardson, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia.
John M. Smith, Do. Do.
Edward A. Watson, Do. Do.
John V. Wilson, Do. Do.