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Penn History

This exhibit was researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova in 2004 as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.


Students are listed alphabetically for each class from 1780 to 1789:

Class of 1780

The University of the State of Pennsylvania conferred these degrees which were originally supposed to be granted by the College of Philadelphia, where they were examined in 1779 (except Mr. Sitgreaves)

John Bleakley A.B.
John Caldwell A.B.
Peter Renaude Chevalier A.B.
James Coultas Gray A.B.
Samuel Powel Griffitts A.B.
Benjamin Morris A.B.
Joseph Rush A.B.
Samuel Sitgreaves A.B.
William Allston Non-graduate
Robert Dorsey Non-graduate
George Fox Non-graduate
William Temple Franklin Non-graduate
Robert Gray Non-graduate
Mathias Harrison Non-graduate
Paxton Hatch Non-graduate
James Hopewell Non-graduate
Joseph Lisle Non-graduate
Joseph Mayo Non-graduate
Henry White Physick Non-graduate
George Simpson Non-graduate
John Smith Non-graduate
Thomas Waties Non-graduate
James Yard Non-graduate
James Davidson A.M. (hon.)
Justus Christian Henry Helmuth A.M. (hon.)
John Christopher Kunze A.M. (hon.)
William Marshall A.M. (hon.)
Henry Ernst Muhlenberg A.M. (hon.)
Thomas Paine A.M. (hon.)
Caspar Dietrich Weiberg A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1781

William Clarkson A.B.
William Ewing A.B.
Francis William Murray A.B.
Andrew Robert Proudfit A.B.
George Swift A.B.
James Wade A.B.
James Carson Non-graduate
James Hanson Non-graduate
William Moore Wharton Non-graduate
William Barton A.M. (hon.)
William Bradford, Jr. A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1782

Moses Bartram A.B.
Michael Byrnes A.B.
John Catlett A.B.
Joseph Clarkson A.B.
John Johnson A.B.
James Kelly A.B.
William Kennedy A.B.
Joseph Borden McKean A.B.
Thomas Memminger A.B.
Thomas Nelson A.B.
William Nelson A.B.
John Proudfit A.B.
Thomas Stewart A.B.
Robert Brooke Voss A.B.
John Wade A.B.
Thomas Parr Wharton A.B.
George Alberti Non-graduate
Pitt Buchanan Non-graduate
Thomas Chamberlain Non-graduate
David Harding Non-graduate
Thomas Hockley Non-graduate
William Prestman (Priestman) Non-graduate
John Rumsey Non-graduate
John Shee Non-graduate
Gilbert [Tennent] Snowden Non-graduate
Joseph Swift Non-graduate
Peter Stephen DuPonceau A.M. (hon.)
Andrew Gregg A.M. (hon.)
Fiacre Maximilien Robilliard A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Sterrett A.M. (hon.)
François Barbé-Marbois LL.D. (hon.)
François Jean de Beauvoir Chevalier de Chastellux LL.D. (hon.)
Elihu Spencer D.D. (hon.)

Class of 1783

George Bartram A.B.
Issac Briggs A.B.
Richard Samuel Footman A.B.
Nathan Grier A.B.
Anthony Morris A.B.
Ephraim Ramsay A.B.
James Snodgrass A.B.
William Stewart A.B.
Stephen Sykes A.B.
John Chew Thomas A.B.
Joseph Thomas A.B.
John Bannister Non-graduate
Robert Blaine Non-graduate
Arthur Davison (Davidson) Non-graduate
William Gordon Forman Non-graduate
William Hemsley (Hemsley) Non-graduate
Henry Izard Non-graduate
Reynold Keen (or Kein) Non-graduate
Archibald McCall Non-graduate
Joseph Ramsay Non-graduate
John Ridgeley Non-graduate
John Schuyler (or Skuyler) Non-graduate
Joseph Sewel (or Sewell) Non-graduate
Conrad Shultz Non-graduate
John Stockholm Non-graduate
William West Non-graduate
Thomas (Mayne) Willing Non-graduate
Samuel Young Non-graduate
George Washington LL.D. (hon.)

Class of 1784

Thomas Willing Francis A.B.
Charles Goldsborough A.B.
Robert Marion A.B.
Samuel Theodore Marion A.B.
Joseph Miller A.B.
William Miller A.B.
William Parker A.B.
Henry Stuber A.B.
Thomas Armstrong Non-graduate
Daniel Bell Non-graduate
Jacob Clarkson Non-graduate
Lefferts Carmick Non-graduate
Joseph Clay Non-graduate
Jeremiah Condy Non-graduate
William Donaldson Non-graduate
Robert Dunkin (Duntzin) Non-graduate
David Francis Non-graduate
John Hallowell Non-graduate
Enoch Hobart Non-graduate
Peter Keen (or Kein) Non-graduate
Joseph Kershaw Non-graduate
William Lux Non-graduate
Archibald McSparran Non-graduate
John Mease Non-graduate
Robert Mease Non-graduate
Luke Morris Non-graduate
Thomas P. Pennell (possibly 1782-1810) Non-graduate
Abraham Pryor Non-graduate
Henry Melchior Muhlenberg D.D. (hon.)
Charles Thomson LL.D. (hon.)

Class of 1785

Robert Clerk A.B.
John Gemmill A.B.
William Griffitts A.B.
Philip Syng Physick A.B.
Samuel Prioleau A.B.
David Caldwell Non-graduate
George Clarkson Non-graduate
William Davidson (Davison) Non-graduate
James Gibson Non-graduate
Dominick A. (Augustin) Hall Non-graduate
Thomas Haslen (Hazlen) Non-graduate
John Mason Non-graduate
Peter Wikoff Non-graduate
Joseph Wynkoop Non-graduate
James Madison D.D. (hon.)
James Manning D.D. (hon.)

Class of 1786

Jonathan Williams Condy A.B.
William Bryant Duffield A.B.
Henry Keppele Helmuth A.B.
Hugh Holmes A.B.
Joseph Hopkinson A.B.
Robert Porter A.B.
Campbell Smith A.B.
Samuel Swift A.B.
Issac Telfair A.B.
John Gantt Non-graduate
John Griffin Non-graduate
Peter Hagner Non-graduate
Jacob Hoffner (Hofner) Non-graduate
John Leib Non-graduate
John McKinley Non-graduate
William [Davis] Robertson Non-graduate
John Wilcocks Non-graduate
David Griffith D.D. (hon.)
Samuel Provost D.D. (hon.)

Class of 1787

Benjamin Franklin Bache A.B.
George Duffield A.B.
James Sergeant Ewing A.B.
James Mease A.B.
Samuel Harrison Smith A.B.
Evan William Thomas A.B.
Henry Wikoff A.B.
James Woodhouse A.B.
James Carson Non-graduate
Daniel Delaney (Delany) Non-graduate
David Holmes Non-graduate
William Sitgreaves Non-graduate
Benjamin Smith Barton A.M. (hon.)
Marie Jean Paul Roch Yves Gilberti Motier, Marquis de Lafayette LL.D. (hon.)

Class of 1788

Abijah Davis A.B.
Nathaniel Harris A.B.
William Hewson A.B.
Michael Keppele A.B.
William White Morris A.B.
James Bowdoin Robins A.B.
James Patriot Wilson A.B.
Christopher Heydrick Non-graduate
James (or John) Kidd Non-graduate
George Pfeiffer (Pliffer) Non-graduate
[Frederick?] Shubart Non-graduate
______ Young Non-graduate
Robert Patterson A.M. (hon.)
Robert Blackwell D.D. (hon.)
Nicholas Collin D.D. (hon.)

Class of 1789

Josiah Bailey A.B.
George Morgan Baynton A.B.
William Boys[e] A.B.
John Davidson A.B.
Robert Gamble Waiters Davidson A.B.
Robert Frazer A.B.
Samuel Hazlehurst A.B.
Thomas Tickell Hewson A.B.
Marcus Hillegas Kuhl A.B.
George Lochman A.B.
Samuel McCulloch A.B.
Samuel Miller A.B.
Richard Renshaw A.B.
Andrew Rhea A.B.
Caeser Augustus Rodney A.B.
Benjamin Fuller West A.B.
George Williamson A.B.
[Samuel] Collings Non-graduate
_____ Davidson (or Davison) Non-graduate
Richard Duffield Non-graduate
_______ Forrest Non-graduate
_______ Halliday Non-graduate
____[James or Procepio] Pollock Non-graduate
John Christian Reidiger (Radiger, Rediger, Ridiger) Non-graduate
_____ Wilson Non-graduate
David Johnson A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Kerr A.M. (hon.)
Philip Reinhold Pauli A.M. (hon.)
Edward Bass D.D. (hon.)
Samuel Parker D.D. (hon.)
Robert Smith D.D. (hon.)