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Penn History

This exhibit was researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova in 2004 as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.


Students are listed alphabetically for each class from 1790 to 1799:

Class of 1790

In this year degrees were conferred by both the College of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania.

Degrees conferred by the College of Philadelphia:

Robert Andrews A.B.
Gerardus Clarkson A.B.
James Coxe A.B.
Henry Joseph Hutchins A.B.
William Tuckey Meredith A.B.
William Wilson A.B.
Benjamin Wood A.B.
Joseph Grove John Bend A.M. (hon.)
Lawrence Girelius D.D. (hon.)
Vicesimus Knox D.D. (hon.)
Edward Shippen D.D. (hon.)

Degrees conferred by the University of Pennsylvania:

William Bache A.B.
John Hill Brinton A.B.
Jacob Brown A.B.
Uriah DuBois A.B.
Christian Frederick Lewis Endress A.B.
Francis Alison Latta A.B.
Samuel Martin A.B.
David Shute A.B.
James Stuart A.B.
Robert Annan A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Blair D.D. (hon.)
John Frederick Schmidt D.D. (hon.)


Joseph Ball Non-graduate
Fell Bond Non-graduate
_____ Davidson Non-graduate
William Hahn (Haan) Non-graduate
Charles William Hartley Non-graduate
John Meredith Non-graduate
Joseph Stouse (Stauz, Staus, Stouze, Stous) Non-graduate
George Thompson Non-graduate
Jacob Wagner Non-graduate

Class of 1791

Degrees were conferred by the University of Pennsylvania only from this year forward.

Thomas Biddle A.B.
John Carson A.B.
John Cloyd A.B.
Thomas Ferguson A.B.
Joseph Hemphill A.B.
James Latimer A.B.
James Miller A.B.
Jesse Moore A.B.
John Parker A.B.
Jacob Richards, Jr. A.B.
Cunningham Semple (Sample) A.B.
William Stokes A.B.
Jeremiah Sturgeon A.B.
Abner Webb A.B.
James Wiltbank A.B.
Stephen Agard Non-graduate
Henry Benbridge (Bembridge) Non-graduate
Samuel [F___?] Bradford Non-graduate
John Brown Non-graduate
[William or John] Dean Non-graduate
[Benger] Peter Dobel Non-graduate
John Irvine (Irvin or Irwin) Non-graduate
John Lea Non-graduate
Joseph Leedom Non-graduate
Josiah Lewis Non-graduate
Samuel Miles Non-graduate
Thomas Nielson (Nelson) Non-graduate
Lemuel Purnell Non-graduate
William Purnell Non-graduate
[David or Thomas] Shields Non-graduate
[Jacob] Sulger (Sulgar) Non-graduate
John Wigton Non-graduate
Ashbel Green D.D. (hon.)
Issac Stockton Keith D.D. (hon.)

Class of 1792

Samuel Bethel A.B.
Benjamin Champneys A.B.
John Church A.B.
Joseph Davidson A.B.
Ebenezer Dickey A.B.
Joseph Dilworth A.B.
John Duffield A.B.
John Ewing A.B.
Samuel Ewing A.B.
Andrew Geyer A.B.
John Hazlehurst A.B.
Robert Hazlehurst A.B.
John Keppele Helmuth A.B.
Jonathan Holmes A.B.
George Izard A.B.
Benjamin Jones A.B.
Samuel Jones A.B.
George Henry Keppele A.B.
Frederick Kuhl A.B.
Archibald McClean A.B.
George W. McGoffin A.B.
Samuel Moore A.B.
David Bayard Ogden A.B.
John Oliphant A.B.
William Pennell A.B.
William Ramsay A.B.
Jacob Senn A.B.
William Sergeant A.B.
Frederick Smith A.B.
Hore Browse Trist A.B.
Jacob Wack A.B.
George Steptoe Washington A.B.
Lawrence Augustine Washington A.B.
Jenkins Whitesides A.B.
Bird Wilson A.B.
John Yeates A.B.
______ Brooks Non-graduate
______ Caldwell Non-graduate
[John?] Collins Non-graduate
_______ Gregory Non-graduate
Henry Lisle Non-graduate
[Samuel] Masters Non-graduate
James Milnor Non-graduate
_______ Pitts Non-graduate
_______ Stockton (Stocton, Stogton, or Stogdon) Non-graduate
James Diament Westcott Non-graduate

Class of 1793

Adam P. Boyd A.B.
John Coats Browne A.B.
William Huggins A.B.
Eneas McReady A.B.
William Mausset A.B.
Andrew Caldwell Mitchell A.B.
Thomas Morgan A.B.
Nathaniel Ogden A.B.
John Holt Oswald A.B.
John Patterson A.B.
John Preston A.B.
George McElroy Scott A.B.
David Sterrett A.B.
Robert Stevenson A.B.
Robert Stewart A.B.
William Anthony Turner A.B.
William Wallace A.B.
James Smith Wilcocks A.B.
William Wilcocks A.B.
Francis Wright A.B.
Thomas Barton Zantzinger A.B.
William Bradford Non-graduate
Robert Brooke Non-graduate
_______ Crapper Non-graduate
_______ Eaton Non-graduate
Samuel Mifflin Francis (name later changed to “Samuel Mifflin” only) Non-graduate
William Gibbs Non-graduate
John Henry Hobart Non-graduate
Henry Hubley Non-graduate
_______ Israel Non-graduate
Robert Kennedy Non-graduate
_______ Kingsborough Non-graduate
[Jacob] Kitts (Kitz) Non-graduate
_______ Lawerence Non-graduate
_______ McCreary (MacCreary) Non-graduate
[Robert?] Meade Non-graduate
_______ Morris Non-graduate
[Samuel or Daniel] Murgatroyd Non-graduate
[William] Palmer Non-graduate
_______(maybe Maurice) Rogers Non-graduate
Seip, Sr. Non-graduate
William Stuart Non-graduate
____ [John?] Sumner (Summers) Non-graduate
William Winder Non-graduate

Class of 1794

Edward Shippen Burd A.B.
John Ward Fenno A.B.
Issac Hazlehurst A.B.
Richard Hunter Hazlehurst A.B.
David Jackson A.B.
William Latta A.B.
Algernon Sydney Magaw A.B.
John McBeath A.B.
John Miles A.B.
________ Allen Non-graduate
George Biddle Non-graduate
John Carson Non-graduate
________ Carter Non-graduate
Charles Willing Hare Non-graduate
[Thomas] Mease Non-graduate
[Thomas] Mifflin Non-graduate
[Joseph] Miles Non-graduate
________ (Henry?) Muhlenberg Non-graduate
________ Murdoch Non-graduate
[Richard] Rush Non-graduate
Seip, Jr. Non-graduate
[John] Sergeant Non-graduate

Class of 1795

Thomas Cadwalader A.B.
John Campbell A.B.
Abner Davis A.B.
Franks Hamilton A.B.
Andrew Purviance Hazlehurst A.B.
John Ewing Latta A.B.
George Lee A.B.
Charles Morris A.B.
John Ott A.B.
Robert Patterson A.B.
Zalegman Phillips A.B.
Philip Gendron Prioleau A.B.
Samuel Shoemaker A.B.
Thomas Harrison White A.B.
George Ralph A.M.(hon.)
Stephen Thompson A.M. (?)

Class of 1796

No graduates

Class of 1797

William Shepard Biddle A.B.
William McIlhenney A.B.
Chamless Wharton A.B.
Cunningham Semple Ramsay A.M.(hon.)

Class of 1798

No graduates

Class of 1799

William Hamilton Henry A.B.
David Hutchinson A.B.
James Hutchinson A.B.
Francis McShane A.B.
John McShane A.B.
Robert McShane A.B.
Bayse Newcomb A.B.
James S. Smith A.B.
Nicholas Biddle Non-graduate
John Cope Non-graduate
Joseph Malcolm (possibly 1799) Non-graduate
Condy Raguet (approximate date) Non-graduate
Francis Vaché (approximate date) Non-graduate