Penn History

This exhibit was researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova in 2004 as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.

Degrees Conferred by the College of Philadelphia

Students are listed alphabetically for each class from 1760 to 1769:

Class of 1760

Patrick Alison A.B.
Thomas Bond, Jr. A.B.
Lindsay Coates A.B.
Robert Goldsborough A.B.
Whitmel Hill A.B.
John Lewis Johnston A.B.
Thomas Mifflin A.B.
Robeson Yorke A.B.
Benjamin Baynton Non-graduate
John Cadwalader Non-graduate
Lambert Cadwalader Non-graduate
William Grayson Non-graduate
Samuel Cadwalader Morris Non-graduate
Thomas Barton A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Cooke A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Davies A.M. (hon.)
Robert McKean A.M. (hon.)
Philip Reading A.M. (hon.)
Sampson Smith A.M. (hon.)
Matthew Wilson A.M. (hon.)
Joseph Montgomery A.M. (ad eundem)

Class of 1761

William Fleming A.B.
Mark Grime A.B.
James Hooper A.B.
John Huston A.B.
William Kinnersley A.B.
Matthew McHenry A.B.
Abraham Ogden A.B.
Richard Peters, Jr. A.B.
Joseph Shippen A.B.
Tench Tilghman A.B.
Henry Waddell A.B.
Alexander Wilcocks A.B.
Jasper Yeates A.B.
Jacquilin Ambler Non-graduate
Henry Dexter Non-graduate
Charles Goldsborough Non-graduate
William Hindman Non-graduate
Hugh Hughes Non-graduate
John Searle McCall Non-graduate
John Neilson Non-graduate
Issac Eaton A.M. (hon.)
Samuel Stillman A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1762

Samuel Campbell A.B.
John Cooke A.B.
William Hamilton A.B.
Samuel Jones A.B.
John Porter A.B.
Stephen Watts A.B.
Joshua Clayton Non-graduate
John de Lancey Non-graduate
Peter de Lancey Non-graduate
Nathaniel Evans Non-graduate
Thomas Pollock A.B. (hon.)
Morgan Edwards A.M. (hon.)
John Simonton A.M. (hon.)
Issac Smith A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1763

James Anderson A.B.
John Davis A.B.
Issac Hunt A.B.
Robert Johnson A.B.
James Lang A.B.
William Paxton A.B.
Stephen Porter A.B.
Jonathan Dickinson Sergeant A.B.
John Stuart A.B.
Robert Strettell Jones Non-graduate
Thomas Lawrence Non-graduate
John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg Non-graduate
Thomas McKean A.M. (hon.)
John Miller A.M. (hon.)
John Rogers A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1764

No graduates

Class of 1765

Alexander Alexander A.B.
Benjamin Alison A.B.
John Andrews A.B.
Thomas Dungan A.B.
John Patterson A.B.
James Sayre A.B.
William White A.B.
Edward Armstrong Non-graduate
Walter DuBois Non-graduate
William Hopper Non-graduate
James Huston Non-graduate
Joseph Hutchins Non-graduate
James Wemyss Moore Non-graduate
George Rundle Non-graduate
George Saunders Non-graduate

Class of 1766

Robert Andrews A.B.
Phineas Bond A.B.
Samuel Boyd A.B.
Thomas Coombe A.B.
Hans Hamilton A.B.
Thomas Hopkinson A.B.
John King A.B.
Richard Lee A.B.
John Montgomery A.B.
Thomas Read A.B.
David Sample A.B.
James Tilghman A.B.
Benjamin Baker Non-graduate
Alexander Hanson Non-graduate
James Humphreys Non-graduate
William Hunter Non-graduate
John Street Non-graduate
Joseph Reed A.M. (hon.)
James Wilson A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1767

Jacob Bankson A.B.
James Cannon A.B.
Francis Johnston A.B.
John White Swift A.B.
Edward Tilghman A.B.
Joshua Maddox Wallace A.B.
William Allen Non-graduate
Richard D’Olier Non-graduate
David Rittenhouse A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1768

William Bingham A.B.
Benjamin Duffield A.B.
Jonathan Easton A.B.
Thomas Hall A.B.
Daniel Kuhn A.B.
George North A.B.
Christian Streit A.B.
Benjamin Vining A.B.

Class of 1769

Hamilton Bell A.B.
John D. Coxe A.B.
George Henry A.B.
Erasmus Kelly A.B.
Joseph Swift A.B.
William Thom A.B.