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Penn History

Selected Class Histories College Class of 1811 College Administration and Faculty, 1808-1811

This exhibit was researched and prepared by Mary D. McConaghy, November 2010.

Faculty members in the Philosophical School, 1808-1811:
(later the Department of Arts and then the College, now the College of Arts and Sciences)

John Andrews, 1813
John Andrews, A.B. 1765, D.D.
Provost, 1810-1813
Vice-Provost, 1789-1810
Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1789-1813
John McDowell, c. 1810
John McDowell, A.B. 1771, LL.D. (hon.) 1807
Provost, 1806-1810
Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1806-1810
Justus Henry Christian Helmuth, c. 1795
Justus Henry Christian Helmuth, D.D.
Professor of German and Oriental Languages, 1792-1810
Robert Patterson, c. 1800
Robert Patterson, LL.D.(hon.) 1819Vice Provost, 1810-1813
Professor of Mathematics, 1782-1813
Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematics, 1810-1813
William Rogers, c. 1790
William Rogers, A.M. (hon.) 1773. D.D. (hon.) 1790
Professor of Oratory and English Literature, 1789-1811
James G. Thomson, A.M.
Professor of Greek and Latin, 1806-1828