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Penn History

This exhibit was created in 2005 by Mary D. McConaghy and by Michael T. Woods, University Archives Summer Research Fellow and an undergraduate at Penn State University, from research compiled by Cappy Gagnon and other members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).


It was recorded that Penn only played one game this year, a loss.

The 1877 yearbook and the 1913 Athletic Association history of Penn athletics list a total of nine undergraduates and one law student as members of this team.

Team Members

  • Edward Vincent d’Invilliers, ’78, captain
  • Louis Cornette Brastow, ’81
  • William Wainwright Britton, ’79
  • James Stratton Carpenter, ’79
  • Arthur Latham Church, ’78
  • Alexander C. Crawford, ’77 Law
  • J.S. Crawford, ’79
  • Horace Hoffman Lee, ’79
  • John Curtis Patterson, ’78
  • Henry Foster Stewart, ’79
Date Opponent Location Score Outcome
Penn Opponent
Oct. 23 Athletics 25th and Jefferson 7 10 Loss