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Penn History

This exhibit was created in 2005 by Mary D. McConaghy and by Michael T. Woods, University Archives Summer Research Fellow and an undergraduate at Penn State University, from research compiled by Cappy Gagnon and other members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).


From the 1868 Record: “In Base-ball,[students] have been more successful [than in cricket], winning a match from the Polytechnic nine and thus retrieving the defeat of the previous year. The nine of the Senior Class, in consequence of the absence of two of their best men, were defeated by a nine picked from the rest of the College.”

Team Members

  • James P. Wright, ’70 Law (A.B. 1867), captain
  • Edward Robins Grant, ’69
  • Joseph Hopkinson, ’69
  • George K. Hunter, ’70
  • William Robert MacAdam, ’68
  • Robert Martin, ’71
  • John Elmore McCreary, ’68
  • Henry McKeen, ’71
  • Francis Fenelon Rowland, ’70