Penn History

This exhibit was researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova in 2004 as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.

Degrees Conferred by the College of Philadelphia

Students are listed alphabetically for each class from 1757 to 1759:

Class of 1757

(More on the Class of 1757)

Jacob Duché, Jr. A.B.
Francis Hopkinson A.B.
James Latta A.B.
Samuel Magaw A.B.
John Morgan A.B.
Hugh Williamson A.B.
Josiah Martin A.B. (gratiae causa)
Solomon Southwick A.B. (gratiae causa)
William Thomas Martin Non-graduate
William Masters, Jr. Non-graduate
Joseph Mather Non-graduate
Edward Price Wilmer Non-graduate
Theophilus Grew A.B. (hon.)
Paul Jackson A.B. (honoris causa)

Class of 1758

No graduates

Class of 1759

Andrew Allen A.B.
James Allen A.B.
John Beard A.B.
Nathaniel Chapman A.B.
William Edmiston A.B.
John Hall A.B.
Samuel Keene A.B.
Alexander Lawson A.B.
John Morris A.B.
William Paca A.B.
Samuel Powel A.B.
John Allen Non-graduate
John Chew Non-graduate
Philemon Dickinson Non-graduate
Basil Dorsey Non-graduate
Henry Merchant Non-graduate
William Montgomery Non-graduate
James Murray Non-graduate
Joseph Reed Non-graduate
Abraham Walton Non-graduate
Hector Alison A.M. (hon.)
John Ewing A.M. (hon.)