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Penn History

Brief Histories of the Schools of the University of Pennsylvania

Each of the twelve schools of the University, in order of their founding:

School of Arts and Sciences, 1755

Surgical demonstration at the Agnew Clinic, 1886
School of Medicine, 1765

Moot court proceedings at the Law School, c. 1926
Law School, 1850

Towne Scientific School, metallurgical laboratory with Professor George Augustus Koenig, c. 1890
School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1852

Root canal on tiger at the Dental School, 1972
School of Dental Medicine, 1878

Dietrich Hall, c. 1955
Wharton School, 1881

School of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Hospital, c. 1885
School of Veterinary Medicine, 1884

Architecture students discussing a model for women's campus, 1952
School of Design, 1890

Graduate School of Education, rendering, c. 1962
Graduate School of Education, 1914

Student nurse, working with children in a play area, c. 1960-1970
School of Nursing, 1935

School of Social Work faculty after presentation of special citation to Dr. Jessie Taft, 1959
School of Social Policy and Practice, 1948

Annenberg School, 1964
Annenberg School for Communication, 1959