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Penn History

This exhibit was created in 2005 by Mary D. McConaghy and by Michael T. Woods, University Archives Summer Research Fellow and an undergraduate at Penn State University, from research compiled by Cappy Gagnon and other members of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR).


None found.

Team Members

The 1880 yearbook identifies nine members of this team. The 1913 Athletic Association history of Penn athletics adds Bain but omits Van Deusen.

  • Meyer Schamberg, ’82, captain
  • Charles A. Allison, Law ’80
  • Frederick Bain, ’81
  • Milo D. Baldy, ’83
  • C. Gillespie, ’80 Medical
  • Thomas Guy Hunter, ’82
  • Samuel Jamison, ’81
  • John Borland Thayer, Jr., ’82
  • E. Van Deusen, ’81 Medical
  • J. L. Wentz, ’82 Medical