Penn History

This exhibit was researched, written and created by Mary D. McConaghy, Michael Silberman, and Irina Kalashnikova in 2004 as part of the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's 300th birthday.

Degrees Conferred by the College of Philadelphia

Students are listed alphabetically for each class from 1770 to 1779:

Class of 1770

Francis Alison, Jr. A.B.
Robert Alison A.B.
Henry Arnold A.B.
John Cox, Jr. A.B.
Samuel Dougall A.B.
Aquila Hall A.B.
Jacob Hall, Jr. A.B.
William Hollinshead A.B.
Henry Latimer A.B.
Archibald Little A.B.
John McClean A.B.
John Maffitt A.B.
Matthew Tate A.B.
Joseph Tweedy A.B.
Samuel Cannon Non-graduate
John Mather Jackson Non-graduate
John Sitgreaves (possibly 1770) Non-graduate

Class of 1771

Samuel Armor A.B.
Patterson Bell A.B.
Ebenezer Brooks A.B.
John Carson A.B.
Charles Crooke A.B.
Robert Davidson A.B.
Archibald Gamble A.B.
Samuel Hanson A.B.
John McDowell A.B.
Hugh Montgomery A.B.
John Pringle A.B.
Nathan Rumsey A.B.
John Thomas A.B.
Issac Wilson A.B.
John Parke A.B. (hon.)
Peter Eaton Non-graduate
Elisha Hall Non-graduate
William McKenzie Non-graduate
Robert Stephenson (Stevenson) Non-graduate

Class of 1772

Brice Innis A.B.
Moses Levy A.B.
John Saunders Non-graduate
William Tilghman Non-graduate

Class of 1773

Edward Duff A.B.
Matthew Duncan A.B.
Joseph Harrison A.B.
William Alexander Hyrne A.B.
Joshua Seney A.B.
Nathaniel Luff Non-graduate
William Rogers A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1774

No graduates

Class of 1775

Benjamin Chew, Jr. A.B.
Townsend Eden A.B.
Thomas Ennals A.B.
John Fishbourne Mifflin A.B.
John O’Farrel A.B.
Henry Ridgely A.B.
Francis Brown Sappington A.B.
William Moore Smith A.B.
Presley Neville Non-graduate
James Ross A.M. (hon.)

Class of 1776

James Abercrombie A.B.
John Leeds Buzman A.B.
John Clapton A.B.
William Cocke A.B.
Thomas Duncan Smith A.B.
William Thomas A.B.
Ralph Wiltshire A.B.

Class of 1777

Benjamin Stoddert Non-graduate

Class of 1778

No graduates

Class of 1779

No graduates