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Penn Notables

Penn Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

Signers of the Declaration of Independence with Ties to the University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin (PA) Founder; Trustee 1749-1790; had four alumni grandsons
James Wilson (PA) A.M. (hon.) 1766; LL.D. 1790; Faculty 1772; 1779; 1790-1798; Trustee 1779-1798; had alumnus son
Benjamin Rush (PA) Medical Student ca. 1766; Faculty 1769-1813; had two alumni sons
George Clymer (PA) Trustee 1779-1813; had Academy alumnus son
Robert Morris (PA) Trustee 1778-1791; had two alumni sons
Francis Hopkinson (NJ) A.B. 1757; A.M. 1760; LL.D. 1790; Trustee 1778-1791; also Academy 1751-1754; had alumnus son
Thomas McKean (DE) A.M. (hon.) 1763; LL.D. 1785; Trustee 1779-1817; President of Trustees; had alumnus son
William Paca (MD) A.B. 1759; A.M. 1762; also Academy 1752-1756; had Academy alumnus son

Others who played an important role:

  • Charles Thomson, not officially a Signer but a counter-signatory of the first printing in his role of Secretary of the Continental Congress, was a member of the Academy faculty 1750-1755 and LL.D. (hon.) 1784.
  • Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration, was grandfather of a student in the Medical School.

Signers of the Constitution with Ties to the University of Pennsylvania