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Penn Notables

Awards and Honors

Lists of awards to University of Pennsylvania faculty and students

Awards to Students

Thomas Ellis Robins, 1937
Rhodes Scholarships
Awarded annually since 1902 to provide two years of study at the University of Oxford, England
Ari Alexander
Ari Alexander
Marshall Scholarships
Awarded annually to provide two years of study in any field at institutions in the United Kingdom

Awards to Faculty and Alumni

William Robert Douglas Blackwood, c. 1900
Congressional Medals of Honor, Recipients from the Civil War
Established at the start of the Civil War to recognize the gallant actions of sailors and soldiers on the battlefield
Alfred Pepitone
Alfred Pepitone
Fulbright Scholarships
Awarded annually since 1946 to promote teaching and research in countries around the world
John Robert Kline
John Robert Kline (1891-1955). Professor of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1920 – 1955; Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, 1933 – 1954; and Thomas A. Scott Professor of Mathematics, 1941 – 1955. Collections of the University Archives and Records Center, University of Pennsylvania.
Guggenheim Fellowships
Awarded annually since 1935 by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Edward Rose
Edward Rose
Lindback Awards for Distinguished Teaching
Awarded annually for outstanding teaching
Clyde Summers
Clyde Summers
German Marshall Fund Awards
Awarded since 1972 to promote cooperation and the exchange of ideas between the United States and Europe in the spirit of the postwar Marshall Plan
Britton Chance, 1981
National Medal of Science Awards
Established by Congress in 1959 as the nation’s highest scientific honor
Otto Meyerhof, 1948
Nobel Prizes
Awarded annually since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace
Nora Magrid
Nora Magrid
Provost’s Teaching Awards
Awarded annually since 1988 for excellence in teaching by non-tenure faculty and staff
Roy Franklin Nichols, c. 1955
Pulitzer Prizes
Awarded annually since 1917 to recognize achievements in American journalism, letters, drama, and music
Alan G. McDiarmid
Alan G. McDiarmid
Alfred P. Sloan Fellowships
Awarded annually since 1955 to provide support and recognition to young scientists

Other Awards

Janet Reno
Janet Reno
University of Pennsylvania’s Medal for Distinguished Achievement
Awarded since 1993 to individuals and institutions from within and outside the University of Pennsylvania community