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Penn Notables

Distinguished Penn Athletes Penn in the Olympics Penn’s Olympic Coaches, Officials, and Staff

This exhibit was created in June 2006 by Clifton R. Hood.

The following Olympic coaches, officials, and staff have been affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania:

Name Penn affiliation Olympic service
W. Austin Bishop Wrestling coach, 1936-1943 Olympics wrestling official, 1932 and 1936
Edgar Newbold Black IV B.S. in Ch.E. 1951 U.S.O.C., official and member of Board of Directors, 1970s and 1980s
John Blackburn B.S.E. 1986 Track and field official, 1996
Joseph William Burk B.S. in Econ. 1934, LL.D. (hon) 1988 Olympic committee, 1968
Russell (Rusty) S. Callow Rowing coach, 1927-1950
Graduate student, 1928-29, 1935
U.S. rowing team, coach, 1952
Francis David Chapot B.S. in Econ. U.S. equestrian team, coach, 1984
U.S. equestrian team, show jumping Chef d’ Equipment, 1988
Mary Frances Childs B.A. 1988 Track and field official, 1996
Ralph Harold Colson Wharton Class of 1927 U.S. track and field team, assistant manager, 1964
Lajos S. Csiszar Fencing coach and Assistant Professor of Education, 1948-1973 Hungarian fencing team, coach, 1936 
U.S. fencing team, advisor, 1948
U.S. fencing team, coach, 1956 and 1972
Irving Israel Dardik A.B. 1961 Sports medicine, chair, 1976
Anita Lucette DeFrantz J.D. 1977 USOC Executive Board, beginning in 1976 
International Olympic Committee, beginning in 1986, 
IOC vice-president, 1997-2001
Gary Dorshimer M.D. 1981
Professor of Medicine
Internal Medicine Consultant representing the NHL, 1998, 2002, and 2010
James Morris Earle A.B. 1947 U.S. figure skating team, manager, 1964
Jonathan Scott Fish B.S. in Econ. 1984 USOC Board of Directors, elected 1994
Frank Wood Fisher B.S. in Econ. 1962
Assistant Dean of Academic Advising, c. 1970
Assistant rowing coach, 1976
U.S. rowing team, small boats coach, 1976
Henry Laussat Geyelin A.B. 1877, LL.B. 1879
Athletic Association President, 1894-1913
Official Olympic Committee, member, 1904
Wilson Thomas Hobson, Jr. B.S. in Econ. 1924 U.S. team, soccer, assistant manager, 1948, and manager, 1956
USOC Board of Directors, vice-chair, 1968
Michael Hughes Coach U.S. rowing team, manager, 1988
Sarah Hughes J.D. 2018 Presidential Delegation, 2018
Joanne Iverson c.1974 U.S. rowing (women’s) team, manager, 1976
John Brenden Kelly, Jr. B.A. 1950 U.S. rowing team, manager of eight-man boats, 1964
Modern pentathalon, committee member
USOC, vice-president and, in 1985, president
Edward R. Koch B.S. in Econ. 1975 Track and field official, 1996
Bruce David Konopka B.S. in Econ. 1978 U.S. rowing team, coach, 1992
Frederick W. Luehring Professor of Physical Education Swimming (men’s and women’s), referee and committee secretary 1932
Olympics, swimming, referee and committee chairman (men’s), 1936
Daniel Marks V.M.D. 1965 Equestrian, show jumping veterinarian, 1988
Frederick Bedford McCashin V.M.D. 1967 U.S. Equestrian team, team veterinarian, 1976
R. Tait McKenzie D.F.A. (hon.) 1928 
Professor of Medicine and Director of Physical Education, 1904-1931
Adviser to founders of modern Olympic games, 1896
Designer of 1912 Stockholm Olympic shield
Mickey McLaughlin Crew, head trainer U.S. rowing team, trainer, 1936
Samuel Vaughn Merrick A.B. 1937
LL.B. 1949
U.S. yachting team, manager, 1980 and 1984
Howard Collins Miller, Jr. B.S. in Econ. 1950 USOC, Assistant Chef de Mission and Treasurer, 1988 winter games
A. Richmond Morcom Track coach, 1949-1974 U.S. track and field (women’s) team, U.S. team assistant coach, 1956
William H. (Bill) Morris Trainer U.S. track and field team, trainer, 1920, 1928 and 1936
George A. Munger B.S. in Educ., 1933
Football coach, 1937-1954 
Professor of Physical Education
Equestrian, committee member, 1960
Michael C. (Mike) Murphy Track and field, coach U.S. track and field team, coach, 1900 and 1908
Ted Allison Nash Crew coach
Graduate student, 1950s
U.S. rowing team, coach and staff, 1968-2004
Harry Lambert Parker A.B. 1957 U.S. rowing (men’s and women’s) teams, coach, 1964-1984
Joseph Brooks B. Parker B.S. 1911 International Olympic Committee, 1950-1951
Robert Charles Paul, Jr. B.S. in Econ. 1939
Director of Sports Information
USOC, Director of Communications, 1967-1976
John Anthony Pescatore B.S. in Econ. 1986 U.S. rowing team, assistant coach, 2000
Robert Edgar Rambo A.B. 1951 U.S. Jai alai (demo sport) team, assistant manager, 1968
Elizabeth Reed A.B 1987 Track and field official, 1996
Lawson Joseph Robertson Track coach U.S. track and field team, associate coach in 1920, assistant manager in 1924, and coach from 1928-1936
Frederick Ameen Samara B.S. in Econ. 1973 U.S. track and field team, assistant, 1996
Edwin Frederick Schaefer B.S. 1919 U.S. track and field (men’s) team, assistant manager, 1936
Brandon D. Slay B.S. in Econ. 1998 U.S. wrestling team, coach, 2012
Hugh Jamison Swarts B.S. in Econ. 1925
Director of Athletics
USOC, administrator, 1936-1968
Melissa Jeanne Thomas Communications U.S. team, administration, Athlete Liaison, 1988
Dewey Lee Yoder M.S. 1963 U.S. field hockey team, manager, 1984