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Penn History

Penn Student Traditions Hey Day Other Awards and Citations

This exhibit was created in January 2005 by Irina Kalashnikova, B.A. and M.A. 2006

Besides the Honor Men Awards, many other awards and citations were given on Hey Day. These awards were presented to individuals and fraternities which had displayed merited qualities in leadership, ability, integrity and perseverance. Among the awards presented in the 1950s were:

  • The Friars Award – presented annually to the faculty member who had rendered the most service to the University.
  • The Edgar M. Church Memorial Award – presented to the student rendering the most outstanding contributions to the varsity football team, based on the inspiration, courage and loyalty displayed toward the University and the team.
  • Phi Kappa Beta Managerial Award – given to the fraternity having the largest number of members holding managerial positions in campus activities.
  • Franklin Society Award – given to the fraternity having the greatest membership in campus activities.
  • Phi Gamma Mu Award – presented to the fraternity which showed the greatest improvement in scholarship.
  • Class of ’41 Award – the winner was selected on the basis of religious activity, scholarship, extra-curricular activities and athletic achievement.
  • Kite and Key Award – given to the outstanding athlete in minor sports.
  • Tau Beta Pi Award – presented to the top sophomore in the Moore and Towne Schools.
  • Sigma Tau Honorary Fraternity Citation – awarded to the freshman who has had the most outstanding accomplishments, both scholastic and extra-curricular.

Following the presentation of these and other awards was the announcement of the results of the senior honor societies’ elections.