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Penn History

This page, created in February 2006, is based on research and writing by Seth S. Tannenbaum and Clifton R. Hood


Although no inter-collegiate matches were played this year, a University team was formed and played at least five matches. Horace Magee, one of the best cricket players in Philadelphia, was elected captain.

The yearbook of the 1865 graduating class describes the 1864-1865 cricket season as follows:

Cricket matches innumerable have taken place during the year. Four between the University Eleven and the Second Eleven of the Young America Cricket Club, the first two in the autumn, when the latter were the victors; the last two this spring, in which the University Eleven were victorious respectively by sixty odd runs in one, and by four wickets in the other match. Last autumn the University Eleven were also beaten by the Second Eleven of the Philadelphia Cricket Club; but this defeat was the result of accident-the absence of some of the University’s best men. The Fresh. Eleven whipped the Soph. Eleven, and were whipped by six of the Junior Eleven. The Fresh. were also victors in a match with the Secon Eleven of the Eureka Cricket Club of Germantown by one hundred and sixteen runs.

Team Members

  • Horace Magee (1846-1912), A.B. 1865, captain
  • William Samuel Armstrong (1846-1868), A.B. 1865
  • William Ashbridge (1846-1884), M.D. 1867
  • Frederick Williamson Beasley Jr. (1845-1871), A.B. 1866
  • Cadwalader Evans (1847-1880), A.B. 1866
  • Francis J. Collins Headman (died 1931), Class of 1866
  • John White Hoffman (1847-1910), A.B. 1865
  • William Woodrow Montgomery (1845-1921), A.B. 1865, LL.B. 1868
  • John Buck Morgan (1847-1919), A.B. 1866
  • Henry Reed (1846-1896), A.B. 1865
  • Newcomb Butler Thompson (1850-1922), A.B. 1867