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Penn History

This list is also available arranged chronologically by year of appointment and alphabetically by subject.

The information below was gathered from Biographical Catalogue of the Matriculates of the College, 1749-1893, published by the Society of the Alumni in 1894, for the years 1749 through 1893. Information on faculty appointments between 1893 and 1900 was obtained from the Provost Report for each respective year.

Several faculty members appear multiple times in the table below. In cases where a member of the faculty was reappointed due to either a change in title or a change/addition to subjects taught, there is a separate row in the table for each appointment year.

Note: For the time period covered by this list, the College offered all subjects other than those in the Schools of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine.

Last Name First Name Year Subject Title
Adams John Quincy 1892 Political Science Instructor
    1894 Political Science Asst. Professor
Adrain Robert 1827 Mathematics Professor
Alden Raymond MacDonald 1898 English Instructor
Alexander John Henry 1854 Civil and Mechanical Engineering Non. Fac. Professor
Alison Francis 1752 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
    1756 Higher Classes and Metaphysics Professor
Allen George 1845 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
    1864 Greek Language and Literature Professor
Allen William H. 1898 Public Law Instructor
Ames Herman V. 1897 American History Instructor
Andrews John 1789 Moral Philosophy Professor
Bache Alexander Dallas 1828 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Professor
    1843 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Professor
Bancroft Edward 1888 Embryology Professor’s Assistant
Barker George Frederick 1872 Physics Professor
    1899 Physics Emeritus Professor
Barton William Paul Crillon 1816 Botany Professor
Bates William M. 1895 Greek Instructor
Bauder Arthur R. 1898 Physics Instructor
Beasley Frederick 1813 Moral Philosophy Professor
Bérault Charles 1867 French Instructor
Beveridge John 1758 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
Bokum Hermann 1829 German Instructor
Bolles Albert Sydney 1883 Mercantile Law and Practice Professor
    1891 Mercantile Law and Banking Lecturer
Booth James Curtis 1851 Chemistry Applied to the Arts Non. Fac. Professor
Boughton Willis 1891 English Lecturer
Boyden Amos J. 1892 Architecture Lecturer
    1897 Building Construction Lecturer
Boyer Charles Shimer 1892 Technical Chemistry Lecturer
Brégy François Amédée 1869 French Instructor
    1872 French Language and Literature Professor
Brinton Daniel Garrison 1886 American Archaeology and Linguistics Professor
Brown Amos Peaslee 1889 Mining and Metallurgy Instructor
    1895 Geology and Mineralogy Asst. Professor
Brumbaugh Martin Grove 1893 Pedagogy Professor
Bull Goold Hoyt 1884 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Bullock David Jayne 1891 Zoology Asst. Instructor
Burk Charles Meredith 1888 Zoology Professor’s Assistant
    1889 Zoology Instructor
Burke Robert Bealle 1892 Greek Instructor
Caldwell Charles 1816 Natural History Professor
Calvert Philip Powell 1891 Zoology Professor’s Assistant
    1892 Zoology Asst. Instructor
    1897 Zoology Instructor
Cattell James McKeen 1886 Psycho-Physics Lecturer
    1889 Psychology Professor
Chandler Theophilus P., Jr.  1890 Architecture Lecturer
Chatard Thomas M. 1872 Analytical and Applied Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
Cheyney Edward Potts 1885 History Instructor
    1890 History Asst. Professor
    1897 European  History Professor
Child Clarence G. 1897 English Instructor
Child Edward T. 1893 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Clark Hugh Archibald 1875 Science of Music Non. Fac. Professor
Clark Joseph C. 1874 Mathematics Instructor
Clarke Jacob Orie 1889 Drawing Instructor
Clay Albert Tobias 1892 Hebrew Instructor
    1895 Assyriology Asst. to Instructor
Cleveland Frederick A. 1899 Finance Instructor
Cleveland Samuel M. 1868 Elocution Instructor
    1869 Rhetoric and Oratory Professor
Cooper Thomas 1816 Mineralogy and Chemistry Professor
Cope Edward Drinker 1889 Geology and Paleontology Professor
    1891 Architecture Lecturer
Coppée Henry 1855 Belles-Lettres and English Literature Professor
Cornman Oliver P. 1897 Child Psychology Lecturer
Coulson Jessie 1889 General Biology Asst. Instructor
Courtenay Edward Henry 1834 Mathematics Professor
Crawler Edwin Schofield 1898 Mathematics Professor
Crawley Edwin Schofield 1883 Civil Engineering Instructor
    1889 Mathematics Asst. Professor
Creamer William 1754 French and German Languages Professor
Crusé Rev. Christian Frederic 1831 Professor
Da Ponte Lorenzo L. 1830 Italian Instructor
d’Amarelli Vincent 1851 Italian Language and Literature Non. Fac. Professor
Dana Charles E. 1890 Art Professor
Davidson James 1768 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
    1782 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
Dawson George Walter 1895 Drawing Instructor
Day Frank Miles 1890 Architecture Lecturer
de la Cova Leon 1867 Spanish Instructor
de Lancey William Heathcote 1828 Moral Philosophy Professor
de Valville Augustus 1829 French Instructor
Deloutte Joseph Alexander 1856 French Non. Fac. Professor
Dickerson Winchester 1882 Geology and Mining Engineering Professor’s Assistant
Dolley Charles Sumner 1885 Biology Instructor
    1888 Biology Professor
Doolittle Charles L. 1895 Mathematics Professor
Doolittle Eric 1897 Astronomy Instructor
Dougherty Thomas Harvey 1891 Biology Asst. Instructor
    1893 Zoology Asst. Instructor
Dove David James 1750 English Literature Professor
Drouin Félix 1852 French Language and Literature Non. Fac. Professor
Duché Jacob 1759 Oratory Professor
Dudley Charles B. 1874 Physics Professor’s Assistant
Dungan Thomas 1766 Mathematics Professor
Earle Edgar Pardee 1888 Dynamical Engineering Instructor
Easby William, Jr. 1895 Civil Engineering Instructor
Easton Morton William 1880 French and Elocution Instructor
    1883 Comparative Philology Professor
    1887 Greek Adj. Professor
    1892 English and Comparative Philology Professor
Ehrenfeld Frederick 1897 Geology and Mineralogy Instructor
Elliott Huger 1898 Architecture Instructor
Elliott John Stuart 1884 Civil Engineering Professor’s Assistant
Evans Henry Brown 1895 Astronomy Instructor
Evans Samuel Sebastian 1887 Civil Engineering Instructor
Everett Herbert E. 1892 Drawing Instructor
    1894 Interior Architecture Asst. Professor
Ewing John 1758 Ethics Professor
    1762 Natural Philosophy Professor
Eyre Wilson, Jr.  1890 Architecture Lecturer
    1892 Pen and Ink Drawing Instructor
Falkner Roland Post 1888 Bookkeeping Instructor
    1889 Accounting and Statistics Instructor
    1891 Statistics Assoc. Professor
Faries Randolph 1890 Physical Education Director
Farr Chester Nye 1883 Theory and Practice of Accounting Instructor
Ferguson Henry Wilson 1889 Mechanical Engineering Asst. Instructor
Ferree Barr 1889 Architecture Lecturer
Fetterolf George 1888 Botany Professor’s Assistant
Fisher George Egbert 1889 Mathematics Asst. Professor
Fleck Hermann 1893 Chemistry Instructor
Fletcher Lawrence B. 1881 Physics Professor’s Assistant
Fooks Paul 1766 French and Spanish Languages Professor
Forming Lewis Leaming 1889 Greek Instructor
Franck Leonard George 1872 Civil and Mechanical Engineering Professor
Frankel Lee Kaufer 1888 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
    1889 Analytical Chemistry Instructor
Franklin Benjamin 1887 Civil Engineering Instructor
Frazer John Fries 1844 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Professor
Frazer Persifor, Jr. 1870 Chemistry Instructor
    1871 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Asst. Professor
    1872 Chemistry Professor
Freeland Frank Theordore 1879 Theoretical Mechanics Instructor
French Thomas 1876 Physics Professor’s Assistant
Fullerton George Stuart 1883 Moral and Intellectual Philosophy Professor’s Assistant
    1883 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Instructor
    1885 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Professor
Furness Frank 1890 Architecture Lecturer
Genth Frederick Augustus 1872 Analytical and Applied Chemistry and Mineralogy Professor
    1874 Chemistry and Mineralogy Professor
Genth Frederick Augustus, Jr. 1882 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
    1883 Chemistry Asst. Professor
Gibbons Henry 1894 Latin Literature Professor
Gillinder James, Jr. 1899 Chemistry Instructor
Gilpin Charles, Jr. 1886 Bookkeeping Instructor
Goodspeed Arthur Willis 1885 Physics Professor’s Assistant
    1887 Physics Instructor
    1889 Physics Asst. Professor
Goodwin Daniel Raynes 1860 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Professor
Greene Arthur M., Jr. 1895 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Greenman Jesse More 1888 Botany Professor’s Assistant
Greenman Milton Jay 1888 Biology Professor’s Assistant
    1892 Physiology Lecturer
Greenman Milton W. 1887 Biology Instructor
Greenwood Charles Herbert 1898 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Grew Theophilus 1750 Mathematics Professor
Griffith David R. 1889 Mechanical Engineering Asst. Instructor
Grillet F. Joseph 1823 French Instructor
Gudeman Alfred 1893 Classical Philology Asst. Professor
Guillemet Désiré 1861 French Non. Fac. Professor
Haldeman Samuel Stehman 1869 Comparative Philology Non. Fac. Professor
Hallett George Hervey 1895 Mathematics Instructor
Harden John Henry 1874 Geology and Mining Engineering Professor’s Assistant
Hardin Willett Lepley 1898 Technical Chemistry Instructor
Hare Charles Willing 1817 Law Professor
Hare George Emlen 1844 Greek and Latin Languages Asst. Professor
Hare Hobart Amory 1887 Physiology Instructor
Harper D. Neil 1887 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
Harshberger John William 1889 Analytical Botany Asst. Instructor
    1897 Botany, Zoology, and General Biology Instructor
Haupt Charles Herman 1887 Civil Engineering Instructor
Haupt Lewis Muhlenberg 1872 Mathematics and Engineering Instructor
    1873 Civil Engineering Asst. Professor
    1875 Civil Engineering Professor
Hays Frank Alison 1897 Pen and Ink Drawing Instructor
Headden William P.  1874 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
Hecht Joseph Lazarus 1889 General Chemistry Asst. Instructor
Helmuth Justus Henry Christian 1784 German Language Professor
Hering Carl Otto 1881 Dynamical Engineering Instructor
    1882 Physics Professor’s Assistant
    1887 Electrical Engineering Instructor
Hewson Thomas Tickell 1816 Comparative Anatomy Professor
Hill Joseph Adman 1892 Finance Lecturer
    1892 Finance Instructor
Hilprecht Hermann Vollrat 1886 Assyrian Professor
Hockenberry John C. 1899 Pedagogy Lecturer
Horn George Henry 1889 Entomology Professor
Hoskins Leighton 1879 Classical Archaeology Lecturer
Huffington Howard Williams 1892 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Hutton Addison 1890 Architecture Lecturer
Irwin James Clark 1891 Civil Engineering Instructor
Jackson Francis Aristide 1855 Greek and Latin Languages Adj. Professor
    1864 Latin Language and Literature Professor
Jackson Paul 1756 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
James Edmund Janes 1883 Finance and Administration Professor
James George Francis 1891 Modern Literature Lecturer
Jastrow Morris, Jr. 1886 Arabic and Rabbinical Literature Professor
Jayne Harry Walker 1892 Technical Chemistry Lecturer
Jayne Horace 1883 Biology Instructor
    1884 Vertebrate Morphology Professor
Johnson Emory R. 1893 Transportation Lecturer
    1895 Transportation and Commerce Instructor
Johnson Joseph French 1892 Business Practice Assoc. Professor
Keating William Hypolitus 1822 Mineralogy and Chemistry Professor
Keith Walter J. 1890 General Chemistry Instructor
Keller Edwin Robert 1890 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Keller Harry Frederick 1883 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
    1888 Organic Chemistry Instructor
Keller Hermann Augustus 1882 Geology and Mining Engineering Professor’s Assistant
Kelley Edwin Alanson 1886 Anatomy Professor’s Assistant
    1887 Mammalian Anatomy Instructor
Kendall Ezra Otis 1855 Mathematics Professor
    1892 Astronomy Professor
Kendall Otis Howard 1875 Mathematics Instructor
    1877 Mathematics Asst. Professor
Kidwell Edgar 1889 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Kiersted Henry S. 1888 Botany Professor’s Assistant
Kinnersley Ebenezer 1753 Oratory and English Literature Professor
Kirk John Foster 1885 History Lecturer
Koenig Augustus Otto 1891 Zoology Professor’s Assistant
Koenig George Augustus 1872 Analytical and Applied Chemistry and Mineralogy Instructor
    1874 Chemistry Asst. Professor
    1886 Mineralogy and Metallurgy Professor
Krauth Charles Porterfield 1868 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Professor
Kunze John Christopher 1780 German and Hebrew Professor
Laird Warren Powers 1891 Architecture Professor
Lambdin James Reid 1861 Fine Arts Non. Fac. Professor
Lamberton William Alexander 1867 Mathematics Instructor
    1888 Greek Language and Literature Professor
    1897 Dean
Learned Marion D. 1895 Germanic Languages and Literature Professor
Lesley J. Peter 1859 Mining Non. Fac. Professor
    1872 Geology and Mining Professor
Leuf A. H. P.  1887 Physical Education Asst. Director
    1888 Physical Education Director
Lewis William Draper 1893 Institutional Law Lecturer
Lindsay Samuel McCune 1895 Social Science Instructor
Lingelbach William E. 1899 European  History Instructor
Lloyd Morton Githens 1898 Physics Instructor
Lorenz H. W. F. 1898 Organic Chemistry Instructor
Lorenz Theodore 1893 French Instructor
Ludlow John 1834 Moral Philosophy Asst. Professor
Macfarlane John 1892 General Biology Professor
Magaw Samuel 1782 Moral Philosophy Professor
Maison Robert Stephen 1888 Botany Professor’s Assistant
Mann Frederick Maynard 1897 Design Instructor
    1898 Architecture Instructor
Marburg Edgar 1892 Civil Engineering Acting Professor
    1893 Civil Engineering Professor
Marks William Dennis 1876 Dynamical Engineering Instructor
    1877 Dynamical Engineering Professor
Marshall Stewart M. 1899 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Martin David 1749 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
Matile G. A. 1857 French Non. Fac. Professor
Mátos Louis Joseph 1892 Technical Chemistry Lecturer
Mazza Giuseppe 1867 Italian Instructor
McClellan William 1899 Physics Instructor
McConnell Hugh W. 1893 Mechanical Engineering Asst. Instructor
    1897 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
McDowell John 1806 Natural Philosophy Professor
McElroy John George Repplier 1867 Rhetoric and History Asst. Professor
    1869 Greek and History Adj. Professor
    1876 Rhetoric and English Language Professor
McMaster John Bach 1883 American History Professor
McMorris Benjamin K. 1894 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Meade Edward S. 1899 Industry and Commerce Instructor
Mendenhall Charles E. 1894 Physics Instructor
Mercer Alexander Gardner 1854 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Professor
Merino Felix 1825 Spanish Instructor
Merrick James Hartley 1892 Professor’s Assistant
Miel Rev. Charles François Bonaventure 1878 French Instructor
Millard Julian 1891 Architecture Instructor
Miller Caspar W. 1897 Physical Education Instructor
Miller Charlton D. 1897 English Instructor
Mitchell William Egbert 1882 History Instructor
Montgomery James Alan 1888 Hebrew Instructor
Montgomery Thomas Harrison, Jr. 1898 Zoology Lecturer
    1898 Zoology Asst. Professor
Moore Frederick Wightman 1891 Sociology Instructor
Moore John Percy 1889 Zoology Asst. Instructor
    1893 Zoology Instructor
Morris John Jay 1890 Mechanical Engineering Asst. Instructor
Morton Henry 1867 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Professor
    1869 Chemistry Professor
Moyer J. Bird 1893 Chemistry Instructor
Muhlenberg Frederick Augustus 1876 Greek Language and Literature Professor
Munro Dana Carleton 1892 History Instructor
Murdoch Lieutenant Joseph B. 1883 Physics Professor’s Assistant
Nassau Charles Francis 1895 Bacteriology Lecturer
Neilson Frederick Brooke 1892 Music (choir) Instructor
Newbold William Romaine 1889 Philosophy Lecturer
    1889 Latin Instructor
    1894 Philosophy Asst. Professor
Newcomb Harvey 1897 Physics Instructor
Nolan Thomas 1899 Architecture Instructor
Oberholtzer Vickers 1896 Technical Chemistry Instructor
Ogden Hugh Walker 1891 Latin and English Instructor
Ohly Julius 1891 Chemistry Instructor
Osborne Charles F. 1899 History of Architecture Instructor
Page Frederick M. 1897 French Instructor
Park Roswell 1836 Natural Philosophy and Chemistry Professor
Parker Andrew Jackson 1880 Comparative Anatomy and Zoology Professor
Parry Ellwood C. 1899 German Asst. Instructor
Patten Simon Nelson 1888 Political Economy Professor
Patterson Robert 1782 Mathematics Professor
    1810 Natural Philosophy and Mathematics Professor
Penniman Josiah Harmar 1892 English Instructor
    1897 Vice-Dean
    1897 Dean
Perkins Frank Edison 1898 Design Asst. Professor
Peters Rev. John Punnett 1886 Hebrew Professor
Peterson Charles A. 1888 Electrical Engineering Instructor
Picolet Lucien Emile 1892 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Picot Charles 1846 French Non. Fac. Professor
Pike Clayton W. 1890 Electrical Engineering Instructor
Pilcher Lewis Frederick 1897 Architecture Instructor
    1899 History of Architecture Professor
Plasschaert Henry 1892 Modeling Instructor
Porter Hobart Charles 1897 Botany Instructor
Pratt Harry Sherring 1898 Transportation and Commerce Lecturer
Pratt John 1763 Mathematics Professor
Pratt Thomas 1760 Mathematics Professor
Pugh Marshall Fox 1888 Metallurgy and Mining Professor’s Assistant
    1889 Metallurgy and Mining Instructor
Quinn Arthur Hobson 1895 English Instructor
Randolph Nathaniel Archer 1883 Physiology Instructor
    1886 Physiology Professor
Reed Henry 1831 Moral Philosophy Asst. Professor
    1834 Rhetoric and English Literature Professor
Reed William Bradford 1850 American History Non. Fac. Professor
Rennert Hugo Albert 1885 French and German Instructor
    1892 Romance Languages and Literature Professor
Richards Horace Clark 1893 Physics Instructor
Richards Thomas Webb 1869 Drawing Instructor
    1874 Drawing and Architecture Professor
Richter George Martin 1898 German Assistant Instructor
Robinson James Harvey 1891 European  History Lecturer
    1892 History Assoc. Professor
Rogers Fairman 1856 Civil Engineering Non. Fac. Professor
Rogers Henry Darwin 1835 Geology and Mineralogy Professor
Rogers William 1789 Oratory and English Literature Professor
Rolfe Henry Winchester 1892 Latin Language and Literature Lecturer
Rommel George, Jr. 1897 Civil Engineering Instructor
Rothrock Henry Abraham 1891 Botany Professor’s Assistant
    1881 Botany Professor
Rowland William Lee 1878 Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
Ruff Brvt. Brig. Gen. Charles F. 1868 USA Military Science Professor
Rutledge Rev. Edward 1828 Moral Philosophy Asst. Professor
Ryder John Adam 1886 Comparative Embryology Professor
Sadtler Samuel Philip 1874 Chemistry Asst. Professor
    1887 Organic and Industrial Chemistry Professor
Sailer T. H. P. 1897 Hebrew Instructor
Say Thomas 1822 Natural History Professor
Schaeffer Charles C. 1857 German Non. Fac. Professor
Schaeffer Hon. Nathan C. 1898 Science and Art of Education Lecturer
Schelling Felix Emmanuel 1887 English Instructor
    1888 English Literature Asst. Professor
    1891 History and English Literature Professor
Schramm Adolph Wilhelm 1892 Electrical Engineering Instructor
    1895 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Schwatt Isaac J. 1893 Mathematics Instructor
Scribner Charles W. 1893 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Seeler Edgar V. 1894 Design Asst. Professor
Seidensticker Oswald 1867 German Language and Literature Professor
Sharpe Benjamin 1884 Invertebrate Morphology Professor
Sharswood George 1850 Law Non. Fac. Professor
Sherwood Sidney 1891 Finance Instructor
Shields William J. 1892 Physics Instructor
Shinn Owen L. 1893 Chemistry Instructor
Shoemaker John W. 1879 Elocution Instructor
Shumway Daniel Bussier 1889 English Instructor
    1895 Germanic Languages Instructor
Skaife Wilbur F. 1891 Medieval Literature Lecturer
Smith Edgar Fahs 1876 Analytical Chemistry Professor’s Assistant
    1888 Analytical Chemistry Professor
Smith Harry DeForest 1897 Greek Instructor
Smith Homer 1892 English Professor’s Assistant
    1892 English Instructor
Smith Merrill 1897 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Smith Richard Somers 1869 French Instructor
Smith William 1755 Ethics Professor
Sommerville Maxwell 1890 Glyptology Lecturer
    1894 Glyptology Professor
Spangler Henry Wilson 1881 Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture Instructor
    1882 Dynamical Engineering Asst. Professor
    1890 Dynamical Engineering Professor
Steele James Dallas 1890 Hebrew Instructor
Stein L. K. 1891 Finance and Economy Professor’s Assistant
Stewardson Edmund Austin 1891 Modeling Instructor
Stewardson John 1890 Architecture Lecturer
Stewart Clinton R. 1897 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Stillé Charles Janeway 1866 Belles Lettres, English Language and Literature Professor
    1867 History and English Literature Professor
Stradling George Flower 1889 Physics Instructor
Sue Jean B. 1867 French Instructor
Switzer John A. 1897 Physics Instructor
Syle Louis DuPont 1885 English Instructor
Taggart Walter S. 1896 Chemistry Instructor
Taylor Arthur F. 1878 Physics Instructor
Taylor Arthur F. 1878 Physics Professor’s Assistant
Thompson Rev. Robert Ellis 1868 Mathematics Instructor
    1871 Mathematics Asst. Professor
    1874 Social Science Professor
    1883 History and English Literature Professor
Thomson James G. 1802 Greek and Latin Languages Professor
Thorpe Francis Newton 1888 American History Lecturer
    1889 Civil Government Lecturer
    1891 American Constitutional History Professor
Tiemann H. Donald 1898 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Towne Linwood O. 1879 Geology and Mining Engineering Professor’s Assistant
Trego Charles B. 1855 Geology, Mineralogy, and Paleontology Non. Fac. Professor
    1854 Mining Non. Fac. Professor
Twitmyer Edwin B. 1897 Psychology Instructor
Varin Rev. Francis 1823 German Instructor
Vethake Henry 1836 Mathematics Professor
    1855 Intellectual and Moral Philosophy Professor
Vezin Oscar 1865 Mathematics Instructor
Vurpillot Rev. Florian J. C. 1899 French Instructor
Waldo Edward H. 1894 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Wallace Daniel L. 1897 Chemistry Instructor
Walsh Robert, Jr. 1818 General Literature Professor
Warrington James 1892 Accounting Instructor
Wasmuth Henry A. 1883 Geology Professor’s Assistant
    1886 Chemistry Instructor
    1887 Mining Instructor
Watson Cassius H. 1898 Biology Class Demonstrator
Webb Walter Loring 1892 Civil Engineering Instructor
    1893 Civil Engineering Asst. Professor
Wesselhoeft Edward 1892 German Instructor
Weygandt Cornelius 1897 English Instructor
Whitcomb Merrick 1895 European  History Instructor
White J. William 1884 Physical Education Director
White Thomas R. 1898 Business Law Lecturer
Williams Arthur Ebbs 1897 Architecture Asst. Instructor
Williams Jacob Paul Jones 1898 Civil Engineering Instructor
Williamson Rev. Hugh 1761 Mathematics Professor
Willis Augustus 1829 Spanish Instructor
Willis C. Anderson 1893 Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Wilson James 1790 Law Professor
Wilson Joseph Miller 1890 Architecture Lecturer
Wilson William Powell 1886 Anatomy and Physiology of Plants Professor
Wintersteen Abram Heebner 1892 Business Law and Practice Lecturer
Witmer Albert Ferree 1895 Physiology Instructor
    1898 Pathology Lecturer
Witmer Francis P. 1895 Civil Engineering Instructor
Witmer Lightner 1889 Psychology Professor’s Assistant
    1892 Experimental Psychology Lecturer
    1894 Psychology Asst. Professor
Woodford Arthur Burnham 1891 Political Science Instructor
Worthington Charles  1892 Civil Engineering Instructor
Wylie Samuel Brown 1828 Hebrew, Greek, and Latin Languages Professor
    1887 Mathematics Instructor
Young James T. 1897 Administration Instructor