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University Records Center

Rate Schedule for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022

Standard one cubic foot box (10″ x 12″ x 15″) NEW RATE
$2.76 per box
II. STORAGE FEE (Per cubic foot per year) $5.75
1. Courier delivery of files: $5.20 per file
2. Courier delivery of boxes: $5.20 per box
3. Unscheduled or emergency pickup or delivery of files/boxes: $23.73 per unit
4. Prepare requested files for pick-up by department (special request only): $4.19 per file/box
5. Return of files by department courier (special request only): $4.19 per file/box
6. Courier pickup of files: $5.20 per file
7. Courier pick-up of boxes: $5.20 per box
8. Retrieve, fax/scan, and refile: $6.12 per file
9. Searched but not found: $5.20 per file
1. Destruction of boxes
A. Certified destruction and permanent removal: $7.21 per box
B. Confidential destruction of computer tapes, compact disks, and microfilm/fiche: $0.55 per pound
C. Confidential destruction of hard drives and cell phones: $6.30 per unit
D. Confidential destruction of VHS tapes and reels: $0.55 per unit
E. Certified destruction of computer monitors, TV’s, and towers (without hard drive): $0.77 per pound
2. Secured destruction bins
– Exchange of 32 gallon bin (processing included): $10.45 per bin
– Exchange of 64 gallon bin (processing included): $13.60 per bin
– Exchange of 96 gallon bin (processing included): $16.60 per bin
3. Permanent removal of boxes without certified destruction: $5.20 per box
1. Packing boxes for storage: $29.57 per hour
2. Preparing inventories/box lists: $29.57 per hour
3. Data entry of departmental records
(by file folder heading) $29.57 per hour
4. Photocopies: $0.47 per copy
5. FAX transmissions: $1.58 per page

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Additional services, particularly Digital Imaging Services, may be arranged through the Records Center’s customer service line at (215) 898-9432.