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  1. Records must be packed in standard records center boxes; the boxes are available only through the URC; they are sturdily constructed to withstand stacking on pallets, come with lids and the price includes delivery. Fifteen inches of letter size or twelve inches of legal size material fit in each box.
  2. Do not pack Pendaflex or “hanging” folders in the boxes.
  3. Do not overpack the box so that the lid does not go on firmly; or so that the sides bulge. Over-packed boxes do not fit on the shelving. They are returned to the customer, or repacked by URC staff at customer expense.
  4. Never lay additional files on top of files already packed; doing this prevents access to those underneath.
  5. Leave 1.5 inches of space in each box to allow for the easy retrieval of files; additional space should be left if it is known that more files will be interfiled at a future time.
  6. Records should be packed in the same order as they were maintained in your filing cabinets; letter size starting at the 12″ end of the box with the logo, and legal size on the 15″ side, and all files must face the same direction for efficient retrieval.
  7. Prepare an inventory by box number of the contents in that box; keep the original for future retrieval information and send a copy to the URC with the boxes when they are picked up.
  8. Keep writing on the box to an absolute minimum. Two items of information only are necessary to be written on the box: your customer code and the departmental box number must appear in the spaces provided at the logo end of the box.
  9. A “Records Transfer Request” form must be completed for each group of boxes being sent to the Records Center. Be sure to enter a destruction (or disposition) date on the form to indicate when the boxes may be disposed of after your approval. Copies of this form are available from the URC. Staple all detailed box inventories to the Transfer Request form and give to the courier when the boxes are picked up. Be sure to keep a copy in your files. When the boxes are packed and the paperwork completed call the URC at (215)898-9432 to arrange a pickup.

Note that bulk storage items such as furniture and office equipment CANNOT be accepted for storage.