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University Records Center

Return Records (Refiles and Interfiles)

  1. When you are ready to send back to the URC the material you have retrieved, complete an “Interfile & Refile Request” form.
  2. Circle “Refile” at the top of the form if the material being returned was retrieved from the URC, and enter the required information such as the file titles and the box numbers into which they should be refiled.
  3. If you wish to add new material (material not previously stored at the URC) into boxes you have in storage, complete the “Interfile & Refile Request” form except circle “Interfile” at the top of the form, and enter file titles along side the box numbers so that Records Center staff may interfile in the proper boxes.
  4. Call the URC at (215)898-9432 to request a pickup of the refiles and/or interfiles. When the courier arrives, give him the files and/or boxes and the “Interfile & Refile Request” form. Do NOT send material by intramural mail.