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Penn Notables

Awards and Honors Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Scholarships provide opportunities for young Americans of outstanding ability to study at educational institutions in the United Kingdom. At least forty scholars are selected each year. The scholarship finances two years of study, usually at the graduate level, in any academic field.

The following University of Pennsylvania students have received these scholarships:

2022: Kennedy Crowder & Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo
2021: Annah Chollet & Yareqzy Munoz
2020: Erin Hartman & Christina Steele
2019: Theodore Caputi
2012: Corey Metzman & Michael Poll
2011: Kristen Hall & GJ Melendez-Torres
2010: Joshua Bennett
2008: Stephen Danley
2006: Aziza Zakhidova
2005: Harveen Bal & Gabriel Mandujano
2003: Adam Zimbler
2001: Ari Alexander
2000: Andrew March
1990: Paul Borgese
1984: Michael Klarman