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Penn Notables

Awards and Honors Fulbright Scholarships

Since 1946 the Fulbright Scholar Program has offered grants for college and university faculty, as well as for professionals and independent scholars, to lecture and conduct research in countries around the globe.

The goal of the Fulbright Scholar Program is “. . . to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries . . . and thus to assist in the development of friendly, sympathetic, and peaceful relations between the United States and other countries of the world.” The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the United States Information Agency. Funding is provided by this agency and by participating governments and host institutions in the U.S abroad.

Some 700 senior scholar awards in over 120 countries are offered in each competition. Approximately one-quarter are for research and three-quarters for lecturing, combined lecturing and research, or seminar participation.

The following list of Fulbright scholars on the Penn faculty is not yet complete.

Note: “*” refers to faculty that received Fulbright prior to join Penn faculty.

Year Recipient Department/School Country
2005 Aleksandr Leskov History of Art Ukraine
2004 Susan B. Davidson Center for Bioinformatics France
2004 Eric A. Feldman Law Japan
2004 Cynthia Ott American Civilization Germany
2004 Julia Felice Paley Urban Studies Program Ecuador
2004 Noga Vardi Neuroscience Israel
2002 Philip M. Nichols Legal Studies Mongolia
2002 Peggy R. Sanday Anthropology Russia
2001 David Espey English Writing Program Japan
2001 Kirsten Allegra Foot Public Policy Finland
2001 Sharon Ash Linquistics Poland
2001 Janet Marie Roberts Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology Uzbekistan
1999 Robert P. Inman Finance, Wharton School  
1997 Margaret M. Cotroneo Nursing Germany
1997 Nader Engheta Electrical Engineering Italy
1997 Tracy K. McIntosh Head Injury Research Center Sweden
1997 Eric W. Orts Legal Studies, Wharton School Belgium
1997 Daniel A. Wagner Literacy Center, School of Education France
1996 John Puckett Education Germany
1996 Magda El Zarki Electrical Engineering Egypt
1994 Richard J. Estes Social Work Korea
1987 Jere R. Behrman Economics  
1985 William Adler Regional Studies Israel
1985 Helen Berezovsky Linguistics Norway
1985 George Crumb Music, Annenberg School Australia
1985 Nicholas Gonata Pathology France
1985 Arthur Green Religious Studies Israel
1985 Anthony Kroch Linguistics Brazil
1985 Clyde Summers Law Japan, Europe
1985 Brian Sutton-Smith Education Yugoslavia
1983 Margaret Jacob History* The Netherlands
1979 Richard J. Estes Social Work Norway
1978 Richard J. Estes Social Work Iran
1978 John E. Fischer Electrical Engineering France
1978 Daniel A. Wagner Education Morocco
1973 Hennig Cohen English and American Studies England
1973 John Shrover History USSR
1973 Anthony Tomazinia City Planning France
1968 Barbara Grossman Fine Arts* Germany
1967 John F. Bennett History and Philosophy of Science Austria
1967 Andre Malecot Romance Languages France
1967 Rolf Meyerson Communications, Annenberg School England
1967 Lee Peachey Biochemistry and Biophysics, School of Medicine England
1967 Albert Pepitone Psychology Italy
1967 George Schoolfield German and Scandinavian Finland
1967 Claude Welch Religious Thought Germany
1965 Morton Benson Slavic Languages * Yugoslavia
1965 Jerre Mangione English Italy