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Penn History

The plates in this set were donated to the University of Pennsylvania by Susan M. Todres, a loyal alumna.

This exhibit was created in July 2005 by University Archives Summer Research Fellow Seth S. Tannenbaum. Seth is an undergraduate at Vassar College.

Artist: Donald Morris Kirkpatrick (1887-1966)

Donald Morris Kirkpatrick, c. 1920
Donald Morris Kirkpatrick was born in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1887, the son of Pennsylvania’s Attorney General William S. Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth H. Jones. He earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts form Lafayette College in 1908.

He then studied architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, during the height of Paul P. Cret‘s influence there, receiving the Arthur Spayd Brooke Medal and graduating in 1911 with a bachelor of science degree in architecture. Kirkpatrick then served a brief apprenticeship with Thomas, Churchman & Monitor. In 1912, he had just formed a partnership within with Sydney Martin, B.S. in Architecture 1908, when he won the Paris Prize enabling him to travel to France and study architecture for two years.

When he returned to Philadelphia in 1914, he and Martin resumed their architectural partnership. Kirkpatrick was awarded a Silver Star for his heroic efforts during World War I. In 1919 Kirkpatrick and Martin joined with older architect and fellow Penn alumnus Walter Thomas to form the firm of Thomas, Martin, and Kirkpatrick. As a member of this firm, Kirkpatrick was involved in the design and construction of the Christian Association (built 1927-1929) on the Penn campus.

Subject: Quadrangle Dormitories

Cane Day procession from Quad to Irvine, 1939
The Dormitory Steps are part of the quadrangle which was designed by Cope and Stewardson. The view on the plate is looking west from the lower Quad, with Memorial Tower in the background.

Architect: Cope and Stewardson