Penn History

Selected Lists of Undergraduate Students

Graduates of the College, July 1834

Names States
William ALEXANDER, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Thomas ARMSTRONG, Jr. A. M. Do.
Colin ARROTT, A. M. Do.
Conrad R. BOYER, A. M. Do.
George A. BICKNELL, jr. A. M. Do.
William G. CALDCLEUGH, A. M. Do.
George CONNELLY, A. M. Delaware.
James W. DALE, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Edmund EVANS, A. M. Do.
John W. FAIRES, A. M. Do.
Edward C. FASSITT, A. M. Do.
Joseph R. HART, A. M. Do.
Benjamin INGERSOLL, A. M. Do.
Charles E. LEX, A. M. Do.
Benjamin B. MCKINLEY, A. M. Do.
Robert MCMILAN, A. M. South Carolina.
Henry W. RICHARDSON, A. M. Pennsylvania.
John M. SMITH, A. M. Do.
Edward A. WATSON, A. M. Do.
John V. WILSON, A. M. Do.
Evert J. BANCKER, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Henry J. BIDDLE, A. B. Do.
Charles HALL, A. B. Do.
Clark HARE, A. B. Do.
John HOLMES, A. B. Do.
Samuel HUMES, A. B. Do.
William N. MCLEOD, A. B. New York.
John MOSS, A. B. Pennsylvania.
John B. PARKER, A. B. Do.
James PAUL, A. B. Do.
Henry H. SMITH, A. B. Do.
Benjamin STILLE, A. B. Do.
Henry TOLAND, A. B. Do.
William C. WALKER, A. B. Do.