Penn History

Selected Lists of Undergraduate Students

Graduates of the College, July 1833

Names States
William D. BAKER, A. M. Pennsylvania.
James CLARK, A. M. Do.
John Fries FRAZER, A. M. Do.
Joseph R. FRY, A. M. Do.
Richard A. GILPIN, A. M. Delaware.
William R. JOHNSTON, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Horn K. KNEASS, A. M. Do.
Theophilus A. WYLIE, A. M. Do.
William H. ASHHURST, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Edward C. BIDDLE, A. B. Do.
Robert C. CLARK, A. B. Do.
James L. COLE, A. B. Do.
Randall EARP, A. B. Do.
William E. EVANS, A. B. Do.
Warwick B. FREEMAN, A. B. Do.
William GILPIN, A. B. Delaware.
Kingston GODDARD, A. B. Pennsylvania.
John F. HOFF, A. B. Do.
John W. HOFFMAN, A. B. Do.
James C. HULME, A. B. New Jersey.
Norton JOHNSON, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Frederick W. MAYER, A. B. Do.
John M. MCAULEY, A. B. New York.
John MCKINLEY, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Charles A. OGDEN, A. B. New Jersey.
William T. OTTO, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Israel PEMBERTON, A. B. Do.
Charles E. PLEASANTS, A. B. Do.
Aubrey H. SMITH, A. B. Do.
Samuel L. SMITH, A. B. Do.
William W. SMITH, A. B. Do.
John W. WALLACE, A. B. Do.
William WALN, A. B. Do.