Penn History

Selected Lists of Undergraduate Students

Graduates of the College, July 1832

Names States
James C. BOOTH, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Clement BIDDLE, A. M. Do.
John B. CHAPMAN, A. M. Do.
William DELANEY, A. M. Do.
James L. FISHER, A. M. Do.
Edward A. NASSAU, A. M. Do.
Charles T. POTTS, A. M. Do.
John ROBERTSON, A. M. Virginia.
Joseph WHARTON, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Joseph BEALE, Jr. A. B. Do.
William P. BEDLOCK, A. B. Do.
Thomas A. BIDDLE, A. B. Do.
William N. BISPHAM, A. B. Do.
John C. B. BORIE, A. B. Do.
St. George T. CAMPBELL, A. B. Do.
George C. CARSON, A. B. Do.
George EMLEN, Jr. A. B. Do.
John C. EYRE, A. B. Do.
Daniel C. HARVEY, A. B. Do.
Oliver HOPKINSON, A. B. Do.
William MCILVAINE, A. B. Do.
Alexander M. MCILVANIE, A. B. Do.
Samuel MCKINNEY, A. B. Tennessee.
Gratz MOSES, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Alfred A. MILLER, A. B. Do.
Charles W. SCHAEFFER, A. B. Do.
John B. SHOBER, A. B. Do.
Alfred STILLE, A. B. Do.
Andrew B. STONES, A. B. Do.
John R. WHITE, A. B. Do.
Edwin W. WILTBANK, A. B. Pennsylvania.
John R. WILMER, A. B. Do.
Andrew G. WYLIE, A. B. New York.