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Penn History

Selected Lists of Undergraduate Students Graduates of the College, July 1830

Names States
Frederick W. BEASLEY, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Thomas CADWALADER, A. M. Do.
Theodore DEWEES, A. M. Do.
Robert DUNLAP, A. M. Do.
Samuel F. DUBOIS, A. M. Do.
R. EVANS, A. M. Do.
Joseph FISHER, A. M. Do.
William T. GOLDSBOROUGH, A. M. Maryland.
Edward HALLOWELL, A. M. Pennsylvania.
William R. HUFFNAGLE, A. M. Do.
William KEITH, A. M. Do.
William H. KLAPP, A. M. Do.
George W. NORRIS, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Benjamin F. PHILLIPS, A. M. Do.
John W. PUGH, A. M. Do.
Charles F. SCHAEFFER, A. M. Do.
William D. BAKER, A. B. Do.
James CLARK, A. B. Do.
John Fries FRAZER, A. B. Do.
Joseph R. FRY, A. B. Do.
Richard A. GILPIN, A. B. Delaware.
William R. JOHNSTON, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Horn K. KNEASS, A. B. Do.
Theophilus A. WYLIE, A. B. Do.