Penn History

Selected Lists of Undergraduate Students

Graduates of the College, July 1829

Names States
Charles P. BAYARD, A. M. Pennsylvania.
Thomas Latimer BOWIE, A. M. Do.
Joseph CARSON, A. M. Do.
Robert B. DAVIDSON, A. M. Do.
Thomas MCKINLEY, A. M. Do.
James NASSAU, A. M. Do.
Thomas R. NEWBOLD, A. M. Do.
James P. WILSON, A. M. Do.
Clement BIDDLE, A. B. Do.
James C. BOOTH, A. B. Delaware.
John B. CHAPMAN, A. B. Pennsylvania.
William DELANY, A. B. Do.
James L. FISHER, A. B. Do.
Edward A. NASSAU, A. B. Do.
Charles T. POTTS, A. B. Do.
John ROBERTSON, A. B. Virginia.
Adrian VANDERKEMP, A. B. Pennsylvania.
Joseph WHARTON, A. B. Do.
William WHITE, jr. A. B. Do.