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Penn History

This exhibit was created in August 2004 by DiAnna Hemsath

Cremation Hymns, 1883
Each person carried a hymn book featuring lyrics set to the tune of popular songs of 1883. The hymns express the student’s joy at leaving their freshman year behind; their affection for beer and their mock sorrow over the loss of their textbooks. The hymn is set to the melody of the “Last Cigar” reads:

“We would that “Muley” and “Sidy” too
Could with you now be laid.”

“Muley” and “Sidy” are nicknames for Rev. Frederick A. Muhlenberg, D.D., professor of Greek language and for Oswald Seidensticker, Ph D., professor of the German language and literature. This hymn book can also be viewed, searched and printed in PDF format.

Cremation Hymns of the Class of '86.
Cremation Hymns of the Class of ’86