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Penn History

To Hannah and Spence: Holiday Greeting Cards

From the Architectural Alumni Graphics Collection of Franklin Spencer Roach and Hannah Benner Roach

Franklin Spencer Roach and Hannah Benner Roach were both well known professionally in the architectural, historical and cultural circles of Philadelphia.

Their collection, donated to the University Archives in 1978, dates from 1925 through 1977. It contains 522 items designed by 73 individuals. Many of these cards were designed and sent by fellow alumni of the University of Pennsylvania’s architectural program. Each card, a small piece of artwork in its own right, highlights the whimsical and graphic illustration styles of the architect outside of the drafting studio.

This exhibit is made up of selected holiday cards created by the Roaches and thirteen fellow architects, along with short biographical sketches and photographs of the architects. The exhibit was created in 1999 by Martin J. Hackett, Public Services Archivist.

Christmas card, Franklin Spencer Roach and Hannah Benner Roach, 1940
Hannah and Spencer Roach
George and Penelope Batcheler, Blueprint Christmas card, 1970
George D. Batcheler
Alfred Bendiner, Christmas card, 1950
Alfred Bendiner
Alfred Fraser, Christmas Card, 1962
Joseph T. Fraser, Jr.
John Frederick Harbeson, Chess Christmas card, 1930
John F. Harbeson
William Hough, Christmas Card, 1930
William J.H. Hough
Phyllis Whei Yin Lin, Christmas card, 1926
Phyllis Whei Yin Lin
Clarence Litchfield, Christmas card, 1934
Clarence B. Litchfield
Robert McGoodwin, Christmas card, 1907
Robert R. McGoodwin
Robert Noble, Christmas card, 1930
Robert W. Noble
John Noble Richards, Christmas card, 1954
John N. Richards
Jacob Snyder, Christmas card, 1950
Jacob R. Snyder
Harold Spitznagel, Christmas card, 1931
Harold T. Spitznagel
Darwin Urffer, Christmas card, 1932
Darwin H. Urffer