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Penn History

From 1969 until the present day, the Glee Club has staged an original Broadway-style musical production each year, performed at Penn and also taken on tour. These shows feature original scores along with intricate choreography and elaborate sets and are backed by a live band, with themes often playing off of current events and issues. From 1969 until his retirement in 2000, the shows were written and arranged by long time Glee Club director Bruce Montgomery, and the annual original productions have continued under director C. Erik Nordgren since. While the annual tradition of an original show did not begin until the Glee Club’s 1969-1970 season, their first fully staged original production was actually Hades, Inc., a light opera performed in 1928 and written by then director H. Alexander Matthews.

1928 Hades, Inc.
1969-70 Handel with Hair
1970-71 See Hear!
1971-72 Paint the Red Town
1972-73 It’s About Time
1973-74 Americ-O-Round
1974-75 SCORE!
1975-76 Opus 76
1976-77 Extravagandelot
1977-78 Next Stop: Manhattan
1978-79 The Magus
1979-80 Hit High Sea
1980-81 Double Take
1981-82 Casino!
1982-83 Saddle-Up!
1983-84 Ye Merrie Adventures of Robbin’ Hoods
1984-85 Where’m I Goin’?
1985-86 Holmes Sweet Holmes
1986-87 Time In – Time Out
1987-88 Heaven Help Us!
1988-89 Is This for Reel?
1989-90 Bases Loaded!
1990-91 Step Right Up!
1991-92 Cross Chris
1992-93 The Canterbury Scales
1993-94 Coda Nostra
1994-95 Sing Tut
1995-96 Killing Time? Dial ‘M’ for Monty
1996-97 Treble in Paradise
1997-98 Go Forum!
1998-99 The Twain Shall Meet
1999-00 The Fool Monty
2000-01 2001: A Singing Odyssey
2001-02 It’s Gonna Be Glee!
2002-03 Summer Vamp
2003-04 ‘Now Frat’s What I Call Music!’
2004-05 Pennsylvania Jones and the Tempo of Doom
2005-06 The Glee of Clubs
2006-07 Glee’s Anatomy
2007-08 Shorts Illustrated: Miracle on Rice
2008-09 Back to the Future!: The Musical
2009-10 Top Chef!: A Soup Opera
2010-11 Guys and Balls!: A Football Musical
2011-12 Was
2012-13 Office Bass: A Corporate Musical!
2013-14 Under A Rest