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General Alumni Society 28mm Films of Campus Scenes Pennsylvanian Article on Films’ Creation

The following article was published in The Pennsylvanian on January 15, 1916.

The Pennsylvanian article, January 15, 1916
The Pennsylvanian article, January 15, 1916


Pictures to Be Used in Conjunction with Talks by Horace Lippincott, ’97 C.

Representatives of the Pathescope Company spent all of yesterday on the campus, taking motion pictures of the University. The pictures were taken under the direction of W.M. Cramer, ’17 Wh., and H.C. Churchill, ’17 Wh.

Horace Lippincott, ’97 ‘C., secretary of the General Alumni Society, will use these reels in connection with his talks at meetings of Pennsylvania Alumni societies in different parts of the country.

Pictures were taken yesterday of the Dental School, the Wharton School, the Clinic Chapel exercises and the Dormitories. Mr. Lippincott also had a number of reels taken last spring, including the Intercollegiate Track Meet, the Relay Games and Senior Day.

George E. Nitzsche, ’98 C., Recorder of the University, has been assembling a collection of pictures depicting scenes around the campus for some time. His collection includes reels of pictures of Varsity football and baseball contests, Commencement, the Bowl Fight and the Pushball Fight. These films are also available for meetings of Alumni societies. They are shown extensively at high schools and preparatory schools.

Many of these films have been seen in distant lands. Several reels were sent some years ago to China, others have been sent to Germany, and many have been shown at different places in South America. Over three thousand feet of these films were shown daily at the Pennsylvania Building at the Panama Pacific Exposition.