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Can my submissions be anonymous?

Yes. We want all participants to feel comfortable to be honest in their submissions.

Can my submission be restricted from use for a period of time?

Yes. Our submission form allows for restrictions. Please contact us if you have questions.

How frequently can/should I submit?

This is up to you. You can send your submission in installments via the submission form or you can send it all at once when you are finished.

I am a faculty member. Is there some way I can ask my students to submit something to the Project as an assignment for my class?

If you choose, you as a faculty member can make your students aware of the possibility to submit their projects as part of this project. If they are interested, they can contribute via our submission form and note that their project is for your class. We ask that the class assignments are submitted using our form so the proper permissions are recorded.

Is there a minimum age for submissions?

Anyone 18 or older can submit a work to this project. Due to HIPAA regulations, people under 18 cannot legally agree to the Submission Agreement and Personal Health Information Agreement, so they cannot submit a project.

Is there anything I should avoid documenting?

This is a VERY important question. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis, it is possible that your submission might include the personal health information of yourself or others. This information is legally protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as the University Archives and Records Center Protocols.  At the time of submission you will be asked to agree to a Personal Health Information Agreement, which you can read now on the submission form.

Please note: You must agree not to include personally identifiable health information about another person or persons, or information that could allow a third party to identify other people. Please let us know if you have questions.

I’m not officially affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, but live in the area near campus. Can I still participate?

While this project is focused on the Penn community, the University Archives is interested in documenting how the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on our neighbors in West Philadelphia. If you live near campus or own a business in the neighborhood, we would welcome your submissions and contributions to the Project.

What kind of content can I submit? Can my submission include multiple formats?

We can accept any format, digital and analog. Submissions may be in the form of digital photographs, text files, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, or video files. Please use the submission form for digital content.

For non-digital submissions (hand written diaries, photographic prints, T-shirts), please contact us for details on how to arrange a donation.

What kinds of submissions or documents do you want for this project?

We would like to collect the materials you are creating right now that document this time and submit them to this project for archiving and future research. Some examples of items that could be included in the Penn Community Archive are:

  • a sign or art you or someone else in your community created
  • screen shots of your social media posts
  • videos or recordings of events, classes, workouts, spoken words and music shared online during this time
  • photographs of the campus, your home/work-space, or scenes from around your community that illustrate changes in society taken during this time
  • captures of classroom work or lectures you have given online
  • homeschool schedules or other daily routines for parents working from home
  • your own journal entries (written, audio, or video) documenting your experience