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Penn COVID-19 Community Archiving Project


The Penn COVID-19 Community Archiving Project seeks to document the experiences of the University of Pennsylvania community of faculty, students, administrators, staff, researchers, alumni, and others during the COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic. Our goal is to collect as many diverse voices and experiences as possible so that future historians, students and scholars, doctors and scientists, public policy and health experts, University administrators, and others will be able to understand and learn how our community reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic and how we were able to respond and help support the broader world.

The Penn COVID-19 Community Archiving Project has been created by the University Archives and Records Center of the University of Pennsylvania to document and preserve the Penn community’s direct experience of this event. We hope to learn about your recent and daily experience on campus, in the lab, in the field, at home or elsewhere. The Penn Community Archive is a means to collect and record what you witnessed and experienced and how we responded to this crisis.


Tell us what it’s like to be the first group of Penn students dealing with a pandemic in 100 years. How are you sustaining your studies and your relationships during this period of social distancing and self-quarantine?


What was it like to suddenly shift to remote instruction and learning?  How has this had an impact on your research and other academic work? Tell us how you have adapted to this change in your work and in fostering your relationships with colleagues and your students.


What is the experience of suddenly and abruptly moving to remote work? What are you doing to support your colleagues and others at the University? What ingenious ways have you found to continue with regular University business in this time?

Alumni & Others

Are you an essential employee who is holding everything together right now? Are you at home juggling caring for your kids with working remotely? How has life changed for you? What has your experience been in your communities—how have things changed?

For information and current updates regarding COVID-19 and Penn see Penn Coronavirus.

Acknowledgement:  This site was inspired by the Harvard University Archive’s groundbreaking COVID-19 Community Archiving Project.