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Penn Notables

University Leaders Deans of the Schools

Josiah Harmar Penniman, c. 1939
Deans of the College, 1828 – present
Benjamin Rush, c. 1800
Deans of the School of Medicine, 1805 – present
George Sharswood, Dean of the Law School (1852-1868)
Deans of the Law School, 1852 – present
Lester W. Burket, 1962
Deans of the School of Dental Medicine, 1878 – present
School of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Hospital, c. 1885
Deans of the School of Veterinary Medicine, 1884 – present
Dietrich Hall, c. 1955
Deans of the Wharton School, 1912 – present
Warren Powers Laird, c. 1910
Deans of the School of Design, 1890 – present
Graduate School of Education, rendering, c. 1962
Deans of the Graduate School of Education, 1914 – present
Kenneth L. M. Pray, c. 1945
Deans of the School of Social Policy & Practice, 1948 – present
Claire Muriel Mintzer Fagin, 1993
Deans of the School of Nursing, 1950 – present
Annenberg School, 1964
Deans of the Annenberg School for Communication, 1959 – present
Towne Building, 1906
Deans of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1972 – present