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Frank Eaton Newman

Penn Connection

  • Architect of Provost's House at 4037 Pine Street

The architectural firm of Frank Newman and James Harris succeeded the firm Newman, Woodman, and Harris after the death of Henry Gillette Woodman. Newman and Harris lasted from 1902 until 1910.

Neither Newman nor Harris had any connection with the University of Pennsylvania beyond the fact that their firm designed the house built in 1903 for J.E. Faunce. In 1915 this house, at 4037 Pine Street in West Philadelphia, was purchased by Penn’s Mask and Wig Club and donated to the University. The house was remodeled as a residence for the provost, at that time the head of the University.

Very little is known about Frank Eaton Newman (fl. 1898-1919). In 1897 he was a draftsman in Philadelphia. City Directories indicate that by 1898 he had become an architect and, the following year, had his office at the same address as the office of Frank Miles Day. In 1900 he joined with Henry Gillette Woodman and James Harris to establish the firm Newman, Woodman, and Harris, which would later become Newman and Harris. Since there is evidence that Newman later executed commissions on Long Island and in Connecticut, it is possible that he moved to New York to practice after the break up of Newman and Harris.