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Penn History

Dedicated to the memory of Ruth Branning Molloy, B.S. in Ed. 1930

Woman running, 1977

Woman's Dorm Room, 1978

Chestnut Hall, originally the Hotel Pennsylvania, 1970
Name/Origin Quotation Picture
Mary-Elizabeth Tondreau, 1971 B.A. Perhaps by dispelling old myths explicitly defining femininity and implicitly defining masculinity, women will liberate a few males as well.
Mary Elizabeth Trondeau, 1971
Mary Elizabeth Trondeau, 1971
Lorraine Minette Howard, 1971 B.A.; 1973 M.B.A.; Assistant Dean of the College of Liberal Arts for Women, 1973-1975; Assistant Dean of Advising Services at the School of Arts and Sciences (after the schools merged in 1975) Today’s woman is interested in an education that prepares her to be more than a housewife, a nurse or an educator. We are here to support her-socially and academically-as she pursues those goals.
Catherine Anne Geneste, 1972 A.M., 1973 M.B.A. I was the second or third French woman in the MBA program, and the only woman in most of my business classes, with all the conspicuousness you can imagine in those days. Whenever my name was called every single person (man) turned to me — being the only representative of my gender and nationality, I was supposed to have an opinion (different?!) on any issue that was raised in class discussions! It wasn’t always easy to deal with the sometimes condescending comments from teachers and classmates, but for the most part curiosity, recognition and respect were the most frequent attitudes people had towards this ‘daring and original student’.
Student protest, Women's Liberation Movement, 1970