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Penn History

Degrees offered and awarded by the University of Pennsylvania School of Arts and Sciences (1757-2003) in chronological order:

Name of Degree Abbreviation Years in which the degree was offered or awarded
Bachelor of Arts A.B. 1757-present
Master of Arts A.M. 1760-1892
Bachelor of Science S.B. 1852-1872
Master of Science S.M. 1852-1875
Bachelor of Music Mus.Bac. 1876-1921
Bachelor of Philosophy Ph.B. 1884-1889
Bachelor of Science B.S. 1890-1918
Bachelor of Science in Biology B.S. in Bi. 1894-1933
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry B.S. in Chem. 1954-1968
Associate in Arts A.A. 1957-present
Bachelor of Science in Education B.S. in Ed. 1968-1979
Master of Governmental Administration M.G.A 1983-present
Master of Liberal Arts M.L.A. 1990-present
Bachelor of Fine Arts B.F.A. 1993-present
Master of Bioethics M. Bioethics 1997-2003 (degree has been transferred to School of Medicine)
Master of Environmental Studies M.E.S. 1997-present
Master of Philosophy M.Phil. 1997-present
Master of Medical Physics M.M.P. 1998-present
Master of Chemistry Education M.C.E. 1999-present
Master of Science in Organizational Dynamics M.O.D. 2000-present