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Women’s Yearbooks, 1912-1952 1912 Yearbook of the Class of 1913

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The first women’s yearbook at the University of Pennsylvania dates to 1912 when a group of women from the Class of 1913 prepared a manuscript record of thirty pages. The volume includes a dedication from members of the Class of 1913, a list of the featured Class of 1912 members with brief descriptive quotes, a poem, a prophecy, autographs, and photographs. All copies were prepared by hand, with prints of photographs hand-pasted to the pages.

Class of 1913 women, in 1912 Women's Yearbook
Class of 1913 women, in 1912 Women’s Yearbook

Women from the Class of 1912 Featured in This Record

  • Carrie Adler, B.S. 1912
  • Mary Baylson, B.A. 1912
  • Lillian Elizabeth Bates, B.S. in Biology 1912
  • Elsa Wilhelmina Berger, B.S. 1912
  • Ethel Downsborough, B.S. 1912
  • Margaret Wasson Henderson, B.S. in Biology 1912
  • Nellie Welsh Lohr, B.A. 1912
  • Sarah Evelyn Miles, B.S. 1912
  • Mary Clagett Patterson, B.S. 1912
  • Alice Rodman, B.S. 1912
  • Jessie A. Rodman, B.S. 1912
  • Florence M. Schlarbaum, B.A. 1912
  • Myrtle Imogene Schock, B.S. in Biology 1912

Women from Other Classes Found in This Record

The young women identified in the photographs include some of these members of the Class of 1912 as well as 22 women who were members of other classes at Penn.

Class of 1911

  • Sophie Elizabeth Foell, B.S. in Biology 1911
  • Blanche Thanhuaser Roggenburger, B.S. 1911
  • Helen Katherine Sawyer, B.S. in Biology, 1911
  • Anita Price Shollenberger, B.A. 1911
  • Lizette Paravicini, B.A. 1911

Class of 1913

  • Grace Esther Berg, Class of 1913
  • Gretchen Anna Carow, B.S. 1913
  • Helen Sarah Gilmore, B.S. in Biology 1913
  • Mildred Goshow, B.S. 1913
  • Olive Ray Haldeman, B.S. in Biology 1913
  • May Lewis Laramy, B.S. in Biology, 1913
  • Hilda Elsa Lowe, B.S. 1913
  • Frances Warner Lyons, B.S. in Biology 1913
  • Marion Richardson Prince, B.A. 1913
  • Katherine Creamer Read, B.S. 1913

Class of 1914

  • Clara Amelia Holtzhausser, B.A. 1914
  • Julia Clara Holtzhausser, B.S. 1914
  • Mary Gertrude Slaght, B.S. in Biology, 1914
  • Iva Honora Sprowles, B.A. 1914
  • Elizabeth Steinbrook, Class of 1914, A.B. 1924

Class of 1915

  • Belle Davis, B.S. 1915
  • Achsan Lippincott, B.S. 1915

Members of the Class of 1912 Not Found in This Record

At least ten female members of Penn’s undergraduate class of 1912 are NOT mentioned in this record. The omissions include two women who earned their Bachelor of Arts degrees (Emily Foulkrod and Michele Frasca), two women who earned their Bachelor of Music degrees (Josie M. Holton and Florence Emily Taylor), and six women who earned their Bachelor of Science degrees (Alice Potter Ervin, Mary Thornton Haydock, Anne and Elizabeth Linton, Adeline Kerr Merritt, and Mary Craig Peacock).