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Office of the Chaplain Boarderman’s Lectureship in Christian Ethics Records UPB 45.8

Access to collections is granted in accordance with the Protocols for the University Archives and Records Center.

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This collection has not been fully processed. The following preliminary inventory is available.






George B. Boardman, Univ. Lectures on the Ten Commandments 1889 



George B. Boardman, The Inaugural Lecture The Golden Rule 1907 



Rev. Oliver Huckel, A Modern Study of Conscience 1907 



Lyman Abbott, The Ethical Teachings of Jesus 1910 



Hamilton W. Mabic, Ethics and the Larger Neighborhood 1914 



David S. Jordan, World Peace and the College Man 1916 



James Moffatt, Jesus on Love to God Jesus on Love to Men 1922 



Francis G. Peabody, The Social Teachings of Jesus Christ 1924 



Charles F. Kent, The Fundamentals of Christianity 1925 



Frederick R. Griffin, Christian Ethics in Everyday Life 1927 



Edwin C. Broome, Ethics in EducationAUTHOR 1927 



William P. McNally, The Christian Home 1927 



George C. Foley, The Originality of Christian Ethics 1927 



Boyd Edwards, The Two Roads 1927 



Henry B. Washburn, The Religious Motive in Philanthropy 1931 



Walter B. Stabler, Without Compromise 1934 



Walter B. Stabler, My Father’s Business 1935 



Walter B. Stabler, Creative Christian Living 1933 



Edward G. Harris, The Valley of Decision 1956 



Edward G. Harris, Mission to Mankind 1957 



Edward G. Harris, God and our Daily Work 1958 



Edward G. Harris, Ethics in Ferment 1959 



Edward G. Harris, Doubt and Faith: A Study in Existentialism 1960 



Edward G. Harris, The Urgency of Ethics 1961